Poll: Is Cost a Barrier to Starting a New Role-Playing Campaign?

December 13, 2010 | | Comments 1

My Nightbane pitch was a success! My game group starts the new campaign next month, but during  the setup discussion something occurred to me. I have duplicate  copies of the Nightbane books due to some purchases I made abroad rather than carry books with me.  This means my group does not have to run out and buy books to start the new campaign.  It got me wondering about costs and campaign choices. How much is money a barrier to running campaigns?  Assuming a standard group of 6 players is a game group and each player wants a game base book and at least two of the available game supplements. Let us further assume that the base book is $40.00 and the two supplements are $20.00 each for a total of $80.00.  That is a combined total of $480.00 to move in to a new campaign. Not trivial in this awful economy. Spending less (sharing books) is an option, but it does have drawbacks.  Especially if the book in question  contains frequently used references, eg. “the magic book”  in a party of spell-casters.

So I ask my readership: does money calculate into your campaign choices?   Will the cost of a new game encourage revisiting an older game with readily available books? I am curious about this issue, so I put up a poll below. Please  let me know what you think.

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