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Tactical School Lesson #2–How to Use Disintegrate

Disintegrate, oh how I love thee.  I am so fond of it, let me compose a haiku in its honor “Ode to Disintegrate” by Trask my enemies die when green death strikes them more foes I do desire Disintegrate, simply put, is the classic spell. Nothing screams “I AM A BADASS CASTER” like turning your […]

D&D Experience Recon

Trask has dispatched a proxy to the DDXP experience to do some recon. He should be reporting in tomorrow. In the mean time, Critical Hits has a very nice entry on the 4th edition rules and subscriptions. A few comments/questions. 1. Will buying a  dead-tree book get me access to the online version? If not, […]

Evil is My Alignment

As you may have gathered from previous posts. I am all for reality in my games. Mind you, I am not talking about “Mazes and Monsters” game in the real world syndrome. I speak of making aspects of a role-playing game slightly more “real.”  Weapons that break when used, lives lost due to a leader’s […]

DM Inspiration: The Encyclopedia of Occultism

I am constantly on the lookout for new and exciting ideas for my game. History, current events and my own twisted imagination provide fodder for my campaigns and modules. Last year, I came across a book of such immense value to any role-playing gamer that it now has pride of place on my bookshelf. I […]

4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Rogues Revealed!

Wizards posted the entire entry for a rogue from the new PHB.  Here is the link to the raw data. Rogue Link I am trying to minimize my contribution to 4th Edition hype, so I will be brief. What I liked: Clearly defined role and character setup. Sneak attack lives on! Character build suggestions for […]

Review: The Damned by Alan Dean Foster

Trask grows weary of aliens landing and killing all the helpless humans. Invariably, aliens either have advanced technology or a biological edge, ie. claws and big, sharp  teeth to get the job done. It never occurs to anyone that some aliens might not be so big and scary.  That humanity could be the most dangerous […]

Plot Hook from Hell: Nations on the Brink of War

Close your eyes and imagine this: two nations on the brink of battle. Each side evenly matched and ready to spill blood.  Their shared border looks like a giant military camp, with both side warily watching the other. Suddenly, a stray arrow hits a commander or a command is misinterpreted and the battle is joined! […]

Living the Game: Firefighter Training for Gamers

We all play games because they are fun. If it was not fun, then there would not be a tabletop gaming community. That said, fun does not necessarily mean you cannot learn something from it. In this case, Trask retreated back to the real world and picked up some skills that actually might have some […]

Review: Crystal Caste Dwarven Metal Dice

Review: Crystal Caste Dwarven Metal Dice

I hate plastic dice. I always have, but I have never had the resources to upgrade. Getting older does have a few perks. The most notable is a fatter wallet. With the additional resources in hand, I decided to get a set of dice that was different . I wanted to sit down at a […]