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I am continuing to read the Fighting Techniques of the Medieval World AD 500 – AD 1500 as fast as I can. I swear, I will post a review soon. In the mean time, there was an item that caught my interest and thought it worth mentioning. A battle standard carried before the armies of […]

Magic is Broken Part 2: Advancement

This is the second and last entry on my issues with the current magic system. I also present a solution that may help alleviate the issues I identified. Advancement for casters is different than other PC classes. Every class receives some benefit for achieving a new level. Things like feats, a better “to hit” bonus […]

Magic is Broken Part 1: Scaling

The title says it all. “Dungeons and Dragons,” and most fantasy games for that matter, have broken magic-using classes. My main issue with them is scaling and advancement. Scaling is the amount of damage or impact on an encounter a given class has in relation to their level. Melee classes, such as the iconic fighter, […]

Superman Rights Back to Siegel and Schuster Heirs

As reported in the New York Times , the heirs of Superman’s creators have regained some of the rights to the comic icon. For the unaware, there has been a decades-long argument brewing about who owns the right to Superman. I will not rehash the issues here, but many felt that the creators of Superman […]

Cavalry and Role-Playing Games

My post yesterday about archers and cavalry got me thinking about a major deficiency in most game systems. People who focus on mounted (horses or vehicles)  combat get short shrift in most games.  I started playing games many years ago with “Dungeons and Dragons.” I then moved on to other games, such as “Gamma World,” […]

Archers vs Cavalry

I operated under an illusion for a long time. The illusion was that cavalry would overrun archers and scatter them to the four winds in the field. In my mind, 100 archers on one end of a large field could easily be defeated by 50 mounted knights. Since the cavalry have weight, intertia and barding/armor […]

The Old Gamer Curse

I am an old gamer. Old gamers are, as defined by me, gamers who have other responsibilities that interfere with gaming. I am not strictly talking about chronological age, but amount of responsibilities. So, a 50 year old hermit is not an “old” gamer. Conversely, a 22-year old with a wife, 3 kids and two […]

Four Good Reasons Not to Run Your D&D Game with a Laptop

Yax and company over at recently posted an entry about using a laptop to run your game. Four Good Reasons to Run Your Game with a Laptop I felt it my Luddite duty to post counter-arguments to Ben’s post. I strongly advocate a “low-tech” approach to my game. Nothing against those who choose to […]

Plot Hook from Hell: Plague

Plague. Even the word sounds infectious. Historically, plagues shaped cultures, created second-class citizens and leveled entire civilizations. Today’s plot hook is the old-fashioned plague, plucked from the history books. There will be no discussion of curses, magical diseases or other claptrap. I speak of the classic plagues, Cholera, Malaria, Yellow Fever and the Lord of […]