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Secret Doors for Your Home

This company is clearly operated by gamers.  The price tag requires you to sell your first-born, but to have some of these in my house, it might just be worth it. Here is the site link: Secret Passageways For Sale Hat Tip: Boing Boing Trask, The Last Tyromancer

Gaming Spotlight: Living Forgotten Realms at Origins!

In addition to several of the readers here at LivingDice, the great Trask and myself will be traveling to the Origins game faire this year in Columbus, OH. High up on our docket is Living Arcanis. However, what to-do in those other slots? Well for you Origins going 4E droolers like me, I am proud […]

Review: Dungeon and Dragons Dungeons of Dread Miniatures Set

Hello all, After a discussion recently in the comments section with NiTessine, I have decided to formalize my review of the latest Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures set – Dungeons of Dread . I always look forward to the new D&D mini’s sets, and I have definitely bought my share through the years. Now, I don’t […]

Paizo Pathfinder Alpha 2 Races and Classes Overview

Pathfinder released its “Alpha 2” version of “Pathfinder, ” so I thought I would post some of the main differences between OGL 3.5 and the new “Pathfinder” rules. This is not an in depth review or analysis of the rules, just a quick summary of the key differences that caught my eye. It is not […]

Living Dice will not sell 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons until 2009

Many bloggers, myself included, have Amazon Astore accounts that let us sell books through our sites. We get a percentage of each sale we generate. So, when I write a book review or link to a book , I use my Astore account number in the hopes of generating some income. Obviously, linking a popular […]

Dungeons and Dragons Fourth Edition. It has begun!

This past weekend was a momentous occasion! My first round of D&D 4th Edition! Ok, so it was quasi-forth edition, but it was still 4th edition. I was lucky enough to be able to play one of the 4E preview mods from the D&D Experience. And I am excited to finally get to blog about […]

Trask Reviews DragonFire Lasercrafts Role-Playing Accessories

Greetings! Occasionally, when the mood strikes me, I review gaming related items. I try to stay away from reviewing the latest “Wizards of the Coast” book releases, since they are reviewed to death on other sites. I like to find unusual items of interest to gamers and raise their profile a bit. That is the […]

Haaldaar Examines 4th Edition Spell Descriptions

Trask may be weak after his long journey, but Haaldaar is a mighty haruspex. He bravely steps forward to blog in my stead. Today he examines the latest tidbit on spell descriptions from “Wizards of the Coast.” Trask, The Last Tyromancer Hello Livingdice faithful… As the resident 4E propagandist (hey, I like what I see […]

Paizo Releases Pathfinder Alpha Release 2

I am big booster of open-source software ie. Linux. The Paizo Pathfinder project is open-source gaming and a fascinating experiment.  For the uninitiated, Paizo is creating a game system based on the 3.5 SRD, but “modified” by the fans.  They plan on publishing a hardback book next summer, but are releasing revisions as free PDF downloads now. […]