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Does Anyone Else Remember "Supremacy" The Board Game?

I have fond memories of day-long battle with my friends, usually ending in a nuclear winter that meant we all lost. I had not thought about this game in years, but I ran across a reference to it on Ebay while looking at games. “Supremacy” was far from perfect. The base game had a resource […]

Review: Crystalline Counters from Three Sage Games

You might be asking yourself why I would review plastic rocks. The answer is simple: they are cool plastic rocks. Upfront Review: Cheap, simple and light, Crystalline Counters do the job as map counters, “minion tokens” or just about anything else you can come up with. At $5.00 per pack, I think they are a […]

Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Early Release in Forbes Magazine has an article about the 4th edition “bootleg” copies floating around the net and the accidental early shipment by I just thought it was interesting that the release has high enough profile for Hasbro that “Forbes Magazine” thought it worthy of an article. Here is the article: Dungeon Contraband Trask, The Last Tyromancer

Gen Con Bankruptcy Update–Reorganization Delay Request — No Disclosure Until After Gen Con 2008

I am monitoring the bankruptcy filing of “Gen Con LLC.” Most of the paperwork is uninteresting “notices of service” or financial filings. I did find one item of interest that I thought worth posting. On May 15, 2008, Adrian Swartout, President of Gen Con LLC filed a document called ” Declaration of Adrian Swartout in […]

Encounter Idea:The Tornado

Although weather is a long-standing threat to PC parties, the tornado is unique. Heat, cold and rain are just parts of the environment. No sense fighting them or avoiding them, since they are literally everywhere.   A tornado is different,  a serpentine ribbon of death meandering across the landscape. In order to kill it needs […]

Updated Review: Cartograph Mapping Software from Digital Alchemy

Update: This is version 2.0 of my “Cartograph Mapping Software” review. The version I originally reviewed was an older demo that lacked documentation. “Digital Alchemy” kindly provided a full version, free of charge, for this review. Full Disclosure: The software was provided free of charge for this review. I do not receive any benefit from […]

Origins 2008 Exhibitor List With Hyperlinks

Origins has released its list of exhibitors for the Origins 2008. As usual, they did not bother to list the websites or descriptions of the vendors. I like to know what is on offer, so I can budget accordingly. Here is the result of my research. The number next to the company name is the […]

George R.R. Martin "A Song of Ice and Fire " on HBO

Haaldaar inspired me to post this tidbit I remembered from last year. Variety reported that HBO acquired the rights to “A Song of Ice and Fire .” They hope to cover one book per season. Full Variety Article Considering Martin’s books are quite violent and bloody (The Red Wedding!), HBO is the best place for […]

Wizards First Rule, The Television Series

So I am not sure how many people have heard this, but this was news to me, so I wanted to make sure everyone knew. Well, at least those loyal LivingDice readers. So, there is this guy named Sam Raimi. Even If you are not familiar with his name, you are familiar with his work. […]