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Trask's Thoughts on the Paizo Pathfinder Society Organized Play Campaign

I spent two hours last night in the Pathfinder chat session and carefully read all of the responses offered by the campaign staff to publicly-submitted questions. The questions ranged from character tracking to running modules in a  game store. There were no surprises in any of the answers.   Regardless of the new name, it is […]

Paizo Pathfinder Society Chat Report

I attended a two hour chat with Nick Logue,  Paizo Organized Play Coordinator  and Joshua J. Frost from the Paizo marketing department on the pending release of the “Pathfinder Society”  organized play campaign. This is not edited, so do not blame me for any typos. I also had some technical issues, so I might have […]

How Should I Sell My Comic Book Collection?

I need some help and I am hoping that my readership might offer some helpful advice. I have about 300 comic books, in near-mint condition from my childhood (about 20 years old.) They are carefully stored with acid-free backboards in plastic bags.  For many years, I kept them in my garage with the intent of […]

Game Component Manufacturers and Printers for the Entrepreneur

I truly believe that a great game does not need a big corporation’s marketing muscle behind it to achieve success. Take “Wizards of the Coast”  and “Magic: The Gathering” as an example. It started out as a home-based operation and grew into the juggernaut of gaming companies. It happened once, it can happen again. Somewhere, […]

Running an RPG Blog and Search Engines

Phil, the Chattydm has a four part series on running a gaming blog up this week.  I agree with many of his points, but there is one area that I thought he gave insufficient attention. Search engines. If you write a blog, I assume you want people to read it.  You want your opinion to […]

R.I.P Gleemax 2007-2008

Gleemax posted a notification that they will shut down the site in September of this year. Here is the original post . Considering the miserable state of the the “Dungeons and Dragons Insider ,”  “Wizards of the Coast” wisely diverted resources from it to their core games of “Magic: The Gathering” and  “Dungeons and Dragons” […]

Lucasfilm Ltd v. Gen Con LLC Update

The presiding judge has signed an order on July 11, 2008 pushing the “case management conference” out to November 19, 2008.  Apparently, the bankruptcy filing stopped any action on this lawsuit until the bankruptcy is resolved. Looks like we will have to wait until the end of this year to see any movement on Lucasfilm […]

Seeking the Inspirations of H.P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard

Lovecraft and Howard are  giants of fantasy literature. Howard’s conan is the prototype for every barbarian in every fantasy story written since 1932.  Lovecraft created a pantheon of twisted, madness-inducing  deities so memorable that games, books and movies still reference their dark names. There is almost no fantasy or horror author that does not list […]

A Non-WOTC Approved 4th Edition "Compatible" Logo Appears…and Disappears

I got a notice this morning  that “Louis Porter Jr. Design ” published a “4th Edition System Compatible logo” on From the description, LPJ Design is pitching this as  a logo for those companies that produce 4th Edition, but do not sign the 4th Edition GSL. See my Kenzerco post for more information. When […]