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Maze and Labyrinth Resources for Dungeon Masters

Most gamers have run into a labyrinth at least once in their gaming life. Usually in pursuit (or in flight from) a minotaur.  I am not averse to minotaurs, but I think that the labyrinth itself if more interesting than the monsters that inhabit its confusing walls. Sadly, creating a complex maze is quite tedious […]

Death Race 2000 — Better Than Citizen Kane?

No, I am not talking about that mindless piece of tripe starring Jason Statham,  I speak of the original “Death Race 2000 .” “Citizen Kane ” gets all the accolades and”Death Race 2000″ faces a slow fade into history because of its subversive genius. Well no more I say! It is time we compare these […]

New D20Pro Releases at Dragoncon

I just received official word that that the new version of D20Pro online game tabletop (version 1.13) will be premiered at Dragoncon. I have previously reviewed this software, which is my favorite online RPG game table software. The main improvement in this revision is the ability to create “markers” on the combat map.  These are […]

Authentic Roman Board Games as an RPG Encounter

Romans gambled. They gambled on horse races, battling gladiators and all manner of games of chance. It finally dawned on me today that some of these games might work well as a small encounter in a role-playing campaign. A little Google-fu and I came up with a  nice site that lists not only the setup […]

Ignoring the 800 Pound Gorilla–Blogging Beyond Wizards of the Coast

I am tired. Tired of the constant bickering about 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons rules and classes, the relative merits of the 3.5 vs. 4.0 rule sets, about “Wizards of the Coast” latest digital initiative or the newest WOTC  book published. As of right now, I am simply not going to discuss any “Wizards of […]

A Realists View of Gen Con's 2008 "Success"

By all accounts, Gen Con 2008 was a rousing success.  I sincerely hoped that Gen Con 2008 would succeed and guarantee the future of this legendary convention.  My reasons are purely selfish as I would like to attend next year.;-) This post ultimately is about knowing the difference between a “step forward” and “complete success.” […]

Crime Episode 5: Kidnapping

Let me get this out of the way first; no rescue missions! Kidnapped princesses are such a genre cliche that I can barely write this sentence without waves of nausea.  There will be no rescue missions in this post, I want the PCs out there grabbing up innocent children in the name of a greater […]

Crime Episode 4: Crazed Sport's Fans

Historically, when large groups of people gather revolution and chaos are always hovering nearby. My European readers need no reminder of the dangerous football hooligans that  regularly turn a match into gladiatorial combat. Now imagine this on a larger scale, where the angry fans can literally bring down a government or destroy an empire. Before […]

Beyond Protocol Street Date Announced

Beyond Protocol , the MMORTS beta I am participating in will be released November 21, 2008. You can get an early look at the beta here. Trask, The Last Tyromancer