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Printing and Binding Game PDF Files

I am sure that most of my readers own at least one game in PDF format. I own several myself. But I hate reading a PDF.  I cannot sit in front of my computer for two hours reading a game, no matter how good. To that end, I tried printing out my games on a […]

AK-47s vs. Wands–Using Anachronisms in Your RPG Campaign

Role-playing campaigns are genre affairs. Most fall into a few categories like “sci-fi,” “high fantasy” and “horror.” Regardless of the theme, players learn the rules of the setting. When a magic user throws a “fireball” in a “Dungeons and Dragons” campaign, no one is truly surprised. Magic is just another “fact” of this fantasy world. […]

Interview: Iain McAllister Publisher of "Revenge of the B-Movie"

This week brings Iain McAllister, creator of the card game “Revenge of the B-Movie” to my interview chair.  Iain’s thoughts on the difficult process to go from idea to published game are fascinating. He also discusses everything from the first step of writing  a game to issues with printers to bring it to market. There […]

Custom RPG Miniatures for $40.00

Andozane, a longtime friend pointed me towards a Canadian sculptor named Alex Garrett. Alex did a fine job creating a miniature for their game club, so I contacted Alex for some specifics on his services and examples of his previous work. Here is his response, including pricing and several samples of his work. Alex Garrett […]

Interview: Aaron Thies from SSDC, Publishers of Battlelords

“Interview Monday” arrives once again. Today’s interview is with Aaron Thies of SSDC , publishers of “Battlelords. ”  Read on to hear about this science-fiction adventure game. Trask: Games are a reflection of their creators, so tell me about yourself.  Are you a professional game writer or do you have another profession? What is your […]

Gen Con Bankruptcy Chapter 11 Filing Released

Over the past 9 months, I have been following the Gen Con bankruptcy filing . After several delays, Gen Con’s Chapter 11 reorganization plan appeared Friday on the bankruptcy court’s website. There is some really fascinating information in it. You can download the complete documents at the bottom of this post, but here are some […]

Review: Custom Dice Tray from

I have a problem with my dice. Notably, they are all made of metal. Heavy metal.  Specifically, my dice bag is all Crystal Caste Dwarven Metal dice.  I cannot use plastic/ceramic dice anymore. They feel cheap and bounce too much. The only downside is that metal dice can damage a table. Normally this is not […]

Conline 2 — The Online Role-Playing Convention

The weekend of November 8th -9th 2008, and present “Conline 2,” an online game convention.  Utilizing the d20pro online tabletop, we plan two days of great gaming action! Saturday begins with the gladiator ladder game. Take control of your PC in the arena and battle for your survival!  The last man (or woman) […]

Interview: Jonathan Lavallee, Publisher of Cybergeneration

Monday again and I am ready with an interview with Jonathan Lavallee of Firestorm-ink , publisher of the Cybergeneration RPG.  Read on the learn about the trials and tribulations of being a young,  first-time publisher and how Jonathan  enjoyed playing a game so much that he bought the publication rights! Trask: All games reflect their […]