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An Elegant Solution to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act

An Elegant Solution to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act

I discussed the CPSIA  earlier this week and was very concerned about its impact on the game/toy community. Later that night, lying in bed I had a revelation. The CPSIA only applies to games, books and toys destined for children under 12 years old. Eureka!  Take a look at the new and improved 4th Edition […]

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act–And Why All Gamers Should Fear Toxic Games

The CPSIA was the federal response to the parade of toxic toys arriving from overseas. As with most knee-jerk legislation, it had unforeseen consequences. You can click the link above for a more detail explanation, but essentially the CPSIA forces manufacturers of any product (ie books, games, toys, etc) used by children under the age […]

Games Sessions Gone Horribly Wrong–When Reality Crushes Fantasy

Update: Welcome Stumblers! If you are interested in this post, then you should also check out The Tale of Jacques, my award winning tale of the world’s dumbest gamer. Every gamer has one game session that just “went wrong.” Whether it be a car accident on the way to the game, a house set on […]

Exploring the Herolab Authoring Kit

As promised, here are my thoughts on the Herolab Authoring Kit (HAK) for adding additional game rules to Herolab. I will not use the term review, since I did not actually enter an entire game system using the HAK. Think of this as a quick overview from someone that read the manual and reviewed the […]

Interview: Shane Ivey of Arc Dream Publishing

This weeks interviewee is Shane Ivey of Arc Dream Publishing, publishers of “Godlike,” “Delta Green,” “Wild Talents” and “Monsters and Other Childish Things.” Shane provides some updates on new supplements for “Delta Green” as well as Arc Dreams “Godlike” game and a very interesting contest that could win you some free art. Read on for […]

Herolab and d20Pro Online Tabletop are Now Compatible

Herolab now supports exporting characters to the d20Pro online tabletop.  I think this is a nice upgrade  since making d20/OGL characters is famously complicated, especially at higher levels. Here is the full press release. For Immediate Release January 21, 2009 Lone Wolf Development and MindGene, LLC are proud to announce compatibility between the award-winning character […]

Review: Wet/Dry Erase Cave Tile Mapping Set from 3Sages Games

3Sages Games just released a series of tile sets for tabletop role-playing games for their pending “Realms of Wor” game. I was never a big fan of dungeon tiles, but these claim to support both wet and dry erase pens and have a non-skid backing, so I picked up a set. Full Disclosure: I paid […]

Chaotic Shiny's  Character Generator for 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons

Chaotic Shiny's Character Generator for 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons

I just had a new link submitted for and it was interesting enough to warrant a post.  “Chaotic Shiny” has a  web-based 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Character generator up and running.  Here is a screenshot: It looks like a great tool to really crank out quick NPCs  for 4e.  Drop me a comment […]

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 vs "Dark Dungeons"

Wednesdayknights had a great link to a “Msting” of the legendary “Dark Dungeons.” I consider this post a public service to younger gamers, who did not live through the “60 Minutes” hatchet jobs and “Bothered About Dungeons and Dragons” sound bites in the early 80s. It seems so silly now with millions of very normal, […]