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Philip Jose Farmer January 26, 1918 – February 25, 2009

Another great passes. Official announcement Trask, The Last Tyromancer

Battlestar Galactica:  The Worst Board Game I Ever Role-Played and Enjoyed!

Battlestar Galactica: The Worst Board Game I Ever Role-Played and Enjoyed!

Normally I stick with role-playing games on this blog, but I have to come out of the closet; I play board games too. With that in mind Haaldaar picked up a copy of the “Battlestar Galactica Board Game” from Fantasy Flight Games and rounded up 6 players for a full game last Saturday. I hesitate […]

Curled Maps that Will Not Lay Flat? I Have an Elegant Solution

An ongoing issue for tabletop war gamers and RPG players are maps that will not lay flat. Long-term storage in a tube or rolled up in a car trunk permanently creates hills, valleys and curling corners in soft maps. Most groups solve the issue with some well placed books and the occasional “Mountain Dew” can. […]

D&D Insider Character Creator PC Converter–Your Character as a Web Page!

Haaldaar just sent me a web site that allows you to  upload your D&D Insider character and have it converted to an online viewable version.  All of the data from the character sheet is cleanly organized into a very compact display.  A few words of warning, the site is clearly designed to work on an […]

WOTC Dungeon Tile Sets Index

Icosahedrophilia put together a complete index of all of Wizards of the Coast’s “Dungeon Tile” sets.  He breaks down each set by size, quantity in the set and what images are on both sides.  Here is a sample: Worth a look for the tile-using DMs out there. Trask, The Last Tyromancer

Gen Con Hotel Sign-Up Goes Smoothly

Haaldaar and I successfully secured our room for Gen Con 2009 at the Marriott. A bit more expensive than some of the other hotels, but I like Marriots and it was nearly on top of the vendor area. Two items of note: Haaldaar got a bad sign-up link that pointed to the 2008 registration site. […]

Prophecies Suck: When the Messiah Is A Moron

Chosen one, foretold hero, messiah or prophecy fulfiller. Whatever the name many fantasy plots revolve around an ancient prophecy predicting the arrival of a “special” being capable of defeating a great evil. There are literally hundreds of examples in fantasy literature, but names like Aragorn, Arthur, Richard Cypher, Neo (yes, “The Matix” is high fantasy) […]

LivingDice Now Twitters!

I added a Twitter feed for those that would like  a Twitter notification when I post. Here is the Twitter URL to follow my antics. Trask, The Last Tyromancer

Gen Con Registration Starts 2-15–Hotel Registration on 2-17

I am buried at work and blogging is correspondingly light, but a looming deadline roused me to post. Gen Con registration opens  this Sunday (2-15-09) for badge purchases.  Gen Con is still months away, but an early badge purchase is critical to access the hotel reservation system that goes live on Tuesday (2-17-09) at 12:00 […]