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Role-Playing Resource: The Internet Medieval Sourcebook

I ran across a great resource for medieval role-playing games and I thought I would share. Fordham University maintains the excellent  “Internet Medieval Sourcebook” and it is definitely worth a look.   The archive contains hundreds of links to everything from Anglo-Saxon literature to the Barcelona Maritime Code and just about anything else you can […]

Fakiness: Bring Back Tripping in 4th Edition!

This post is not about old vs new school. It is not about game balance or appropriateness. Nor is it about ho accurate the rules are in simulating “reality” in 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. It is about fakiness. “Fakiness” is my term for the ability of any role-playing game to accurately simulate the completely […]

Attention Flames of War Players–Win Free Game Stuff From Gale Force Nine

Gale Force 9, purveyors of “Flames of War” and many other miniature related games and accessories is running a contest until March 31st, 2009. There are 51 prizes ranging from “Flames of War”  miniatures to Osprey books. Entry is free, but you do have to register and complete a poll. You can check out the […]

Dungeons and Dragons Worldwide Game Day 2009 Report

This weekend I had the opportunity to judge the D&D Worldwide Game Day for the release of the Players Handbook 2. To my knowledge, all the players left that day having some fun, and that is what is important. However, as happy as I am with D&D 4th edition, the World Wide Game Day this […]

GAMA Trade Show–I Am Attending, Tell Me What I Should Blog About?

GAMA, The Game Manufacturers Association‘s annual trade show (GTS) starts on April 14th-17th 2009. This is the primary trade show for publishers to show their new games to retailers and “earn” some shelf space. I am attending on the 14th and 15th, so my question to my readers is; what should I blog about at […]

Amazing DM Created Game Realia

Realia, as defined by teachers, is any physical object that complements a lesson. A classic example is the exploding hydrogen balloon from high school chemistry.  Game masters also use realia to augment their game. Some use cards to represent magic items,  miniatures for monsters and PCs or create a real document for the players to […]

Player Archetypes: What is the Best Mix For A Game Group?

Role-playing gamers play characters based on common archetypes: fighter, thief, healer, intellectual among many others. Most balanced game groups contain at least one of each type. This diversity empowers the party to overcome complex challenges beyond, say, a group of fighters alone. It occurs to me that players also conform to certain archetypes. Assuming their […]

Superstitious Gamers and the Strange Things They Do to Guarantee Success

Over my gaming lifetime, more than 25 years, I noticed that many gamers held some strange beliefs about luck. Some only used a specific d20 for combat rolls, even though they owned a dozen.  Still others “retire” dice after a few bad rolls. Another common tool is a token, rabbit’s foot or other widget that […]

How Often Should An RPG Company Publish Supplements?

My question is: how often do you, the role-playing game consuming public, want to see supplements for your game of choice published? I am just curious what my readers think about this issue. Some companies, ie. Wizards of the Coast or Paizo, routinely publish new supplements monthly. Many smaller RPG publishers publish only once a […]