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Why Have Your Role-Playing Game Groups Disbanded?

Most gamers have tales of failed game groups. Groups that went from successful to extinct, sometimes overnight.   Finding a good one that is a proper “fit” is incredibly hard. Especially if you recently relocated or have been out of the hobby for a while.  Game group failure can literally kill your hobby for weeks or […]

Do RPG Bloggers Focus Too Much on Dungeons and Dragons?

Just for fun, I counted the number of 4th Edition related posts on the front page of today. Since many, if not most RPG bloggers contribute to this site, it made for an easy way to sample today’s posts. Even with a fairly strict criteria (4e focused posts only, not just mentioning it) I […]

Arcane Legions Mass Miniature Combat Game Follow-Up

I originally discussed “Arcane Legions”  in my coverage of the GAMA Trade Show last month.  I now have a bit more information that I can share. “Wells Expeditions,” publisher of “Arcane Legions”  forwarded some new images today of the box art/miniatures, some direct to retailer marketing flyers and a press release. The press release link […]

Diplomacy: The Board Game as a Role-Playing Encounter

“Diplomacy” is my favorite board game. Honestly, I think it one of the greatest tabletop games ever. There are no cards, no dice, no luck of any kind. Battles are won and lost on the strength of your negotiating skills and unpredictable “allies.” Even then, allies are one turn away from becoming enemies. Lying, espionage […]

Hasbro Closes Cranium Office

Hasbro smashes some heads over at the Cranium office. 11 pink slips and 8 employees farmed out to other areas of the company. I regularly play board games, but Cranium just seemed too…Starbucks (the coffee shop, not the BSG viper pilot) for me to ever play.  That said, many people play “Cranium,” given that Hasbro […]

Screenwriters Should Run Every Script As An Role-Playing Game Before Production

It might cut down on some of the colossal plot holes, stupid characters and bad “heroic plans.”  I have nothing against screenwriters per se, but they simply turn out so much crap that would never pass muster on a game table.  Their characters have the same IQ as the overpaid actors portraying them, the monsters […]

My Predictions Regarding the State of Gaming in the Year 2020

I am not one for psychic powers, but I am a firm believer in trend prediction and extrapolations based on what we know now. Here is my best shot at describing the state of tabletop gaming in the year 2020. Let us begin with the rule book, a key requirement for any game. I foresee […]

Review: Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition – Monster Manual 2

My fellow D&D friends, have I got the book for you! As Trask is out on some much needed R&R, I thought I would pop in and take the opportunity to tell you about the new Monster Manual 2. This book is a definitely a required purchase for any 4E DMs out there. Honestly, for […]

Movement Rules for the Ex-illis Miniature Game Preview

Ex-Illis, the interesting tabletop wargame that runs off of a computer/iphone and I thought deserving of “Best of Show” at GTS this year released a bit more information about the rules set.  The article describes the movement and terrain rules for the Ex-illis system.  It is an extensive article with some helpful graphics that gives […]