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RPG Blogging Takes Time and I Do Not Have Any This Week

Just until next Monday. I have too much going on over the 4th of July weekend and the preceding days to do any sort of blogging.  I am working on some interesting posts for next week, including  an interview with the creators of a new RPG under development with some unique game mechanics, a book […]

Tankfest 2009–A Tank Convention

I had to post about this because it is just interesting and generally makes me sad I no longer live in the UK. The Tank Museum in Dorset, UK is doing a weekend event of historical education, reenactments  and most importantly, driving around in World War II era tanks. I am not biggest fan of […]

Gen Con Bankruptcy Update

This is something of formality, but I thought everyone might like to know that the Gen Con bankruptcy is now over. Strictly speaking the main part of the bankruptcy completed several months ago, but there were some small issues, minor debts and various other items that kept the bankruptcy filing open. I am happy to […]

Advice for Gamers Attending Origins Game Fair 2009

Which, sadly, does not include me. There was a brief moment a few months ago when I considered attending both Origins and Gen Con, but the harsh economic realities quickly quashed that idea. So, Gen Con yes, Origins no.  Which is quite annoying because there was some interesting stuff I wanted to check out this […]

Role-Playing Games Designed for Busy, Adult Gamers

I am a busy adult. I have a full-time job, a wife and all the things that associated with maintaining a modern household. I do not have children, but many gamers my age have some. All of this combines in a perfect storm to destroy my gaming opportunities. It got me thinking about the underlying […]

A Nagging Feeling that 4th Edition Is Not Scaling Well At Higher Levels

I have been playing 4th edition for over a year and lately I have this nagging feeling that the power differential between NPC monsters and PCs is out of balance.  Difficult, even lethal combat encounters are part of any role-playing game, but  4th edition Dungeons and Dragon’s NPCs seem to grow statistically more dangerous (that […]

Review: Underground Penal Housing and Sentient Reptile Persons with Severe Acid Reflux

“Underground Penal Housing and Sentient Reptile Persons with Severe Acid Reflux” arrived today and I am thrilled to be the first reviewer. As everyone knows this is the latest release from DVOC (Don’t Violate Our Copyright, the leading game company). Breaking from previous role-playing traditions, this game focuses on maintaining balance and fairness among the […]

Advice for the Aspiring Role-Playing Blogger

I started blogging about role-playing games as an adjunct feature to a game scheduling site I was building. The game scheduler was a total failure, but I enjoyed the blogging so much I kept it up. I have been at it now for 18 months and have no plans to stop.  I now am arrogant […]

Ex-Illis Melee Rules Explained in Detail

Ex-illis the interesting software-driven tabletop miniature game released a bit more information about the nuts and bolts of the system, notably melee combat. The explanation is chock full of interesting tidbits about how combat hit and defense scores are calculated and what some of the on-screen icons represent. It is a bit long but worth […]