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Wyrd Miniatures Releases Wyrd Chronicles #3 and They Are Hiring!

Wyrd Miniatures released “Wyrd Chronicles #3,”  a free PDF magazine with some Malifaux backstory, painting and miniature assembly tips. It is all put together quite well and looks great. More importantly, it is free! One item inside the magazine caught my eye, a short advertisement for writers, editors, artists, painters and sculptors to join Malifaux’s […]

I am Running An Alpha Omega Campaign!

After my pitch last game session, I managed to get my game group to sign on for an “Alpha Omega” campaign run by yours truly.  I am very excited because I have not run a campaign in years, Living Arcanis modules notwithstanding.  This is the first time I had a blog and a campaign, so […]

Nominations for Worst Role-Playing Game Rule or Mechanic

Rules are a critical element of all role-playing games, but sometimes they are less than optimal. Oh hell, let us be honest. Some role-playing game rules are just stupid. Not “slightly off” or  “in need of some work,” I mean completely  lobotomized stupid.  The kind of rules that make you wonder what the designer smoked […]

Is Anyone Playing Arcane Legions?

I wrote a review a few months ago and was wondering how the game was doing. My FLGS does not stock it and it has not really garnered much mention in my regular internet haunts.  If you play, I would like to hear how the game is developing. Trask, The Last Tyromancer

Book Report: Soul of the Samurai by Thomas Cleary

Book Report: Soul of the Samurai by Thomas Cleary

Samurai. The word itself conjures images of fearless warriors doing battle and a code of honor that required suicide in the face of dishonor. Samurai are one of the most famous Japanese exports, both directly and in their influence in anime, films and print. Even the American western genre adopted the stoic loner with an […]

Livingdice is on Facebook!

After much soul-searching and abuse from Haaldaar about my lack of Facebook presence, I took the plunge.  So, if you would like to follow my scribblings on Facebook, you can become a fan. Page  on Facebook I promise not to send any spam out to the my fans and only use Facebook for […]

How Do You Pitch a Role-Playing Campaign Change?

This weekend I pitched a new campaign to my regular gaming group. Haaldaar runs a great 4th Edition undead-focused campaign in the Shadowfell for me and four other players. He has been running for the better part of a year and I offered to run something to give him a break. Since I am not […]

DM Resource:

DM Resource:

I am always on the look out for great websites with useful resources for game masters. Usually I find them through blind luck or referral. In this case,  I found this site through an odd source…the Economist last week!  Amazing what you can find in a business magazine these days. Regardless, is a great […]

How to Get Girls to the Gaming Table – and Keep Them Coming Back

This is the first in a series of guest posts from independent game publishers on Today’s post comes from ArielManx of  Please make her feel welcome and I have more guest blogging on deck in the upcoming weeks, so watch this space! Trask A few weeks after my husband and I joined the […]