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The Campaign Begins With All The PCs in a Tavern…

and it is a terrible way to start a role-playing campaign. Of course, all of the players want to quickly form a party and get to adventuring, but tavern meet-ups are trite. The point of a campaign is to create and share an interesting story. Just dropping in a group of PCs in a room […]

Thanksgiving Hiatus for

I am offline this week enjoying too much turkey. I shall return on 11/30/2009. Happy Thanksgiving! Trask, The Last Tyromancer

Ex-Illis Announces Bleeding Edge Knights Program and Contest

Ex-Illis Announces Bleeding Edge Knights Program and Contest

Update: Bad news, this company is no longer in business. Bastion Studios, producers of the Ex-Illis Miniatures game and kind supporters of this site announced today they are looking for Ex-Illis players to join their new “Bleeding Edge Knights” program. The Bleeding Edge Knights function as the Ex-Illis demo team and support network for local […]

RPG Rule Mechanics: Universal Versus Varied

Role-Playing game rule systems fall into two categories: universal and varied. Universal games use a single mechanic for every action. “Alpha Omega” uses the same skill check system for everything from picking locks to shooting a pistol. Varied systems like some older “Dungeons and Dragons” versions use percentile for picking locks and a d20 mechanic […]

Download Shatnerquake for Free!

Jeff Burke, author of “Shatnerquake,” a bizarro and funny take on the phenomenon that is William Shatner dropped me a line with some great news. On Tuesday, November 17, Jeff is giving away free downloads of “Shatnerquake” on his blog.  I heartily recommend that you take advantage of the freeness, but be warned after completing […]

The New “Prisoner” Mini-Series–Number 6 is in Prison, but We Do the Time

I am a huge fan of the original “Prisoner” television series produced in the 1960s. I first saw it in college years ago and it still continues to amaze me with its intelligence and wit. Most of which comes from Number Six himself. The original Six demonstrates a bone-dry sense of humor, remarkable force of […]

Review: Dragon Age: Origins - The Best Video Game RPG EVER!

Review: Dragon Age: Origins – The Best Video Game RPG EVER!

So….. Where shall I start with Dragon Age: Origins, the latest video game by BioWare. I started playing this game last week, when it first came out. Trask asked me for a review, and I whole-heartedly agreed. Unfortunately, I got so addicted to this game, that I couldn’t break free to write it until now […]

The Alpha Omega DM Screen Homebrew

The Alpha Omega DM Screen Homebrew

Next month my Alpha Omega campaign begins. I am excited to try a new system and world and have studied the rule book carefully. I believe I understand the key elements of the game well enough to run a session without referring to the book too much. However, there are several charts that will see […]

The 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Dead Pool--Join Now!

The 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Dead Pool–Join Now!

“Dead Pools” are slightly creepy betting pools where participants bet on when  a famous person is going to die. Betting on death is in poor taste, but betting on when 4th Editions Dungeons and Dragons goes away is just good fun. I believe that Wizards of the Coast’s current business model is to flog the […]