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Review: Martial Flavor from Chaotic Shiny Productions

Review: Martial Flavor from Chaotic Shiny Productions

Martial Flavor is a 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons PDF supplement published by Chaotic Shiny Productions. Rather than write a standard crunch supplement, “Martial Flavor” focuses more on the cultural background of five PC ethnic groups and mixes in some feats and powers that reflect the different cultures. The cultures are: The Daikort Pack: A […]

$15.00 Shadowrun, Battletech and Cthulhutech PDFs from Catalyst Game Labs

Catalyst Game Labs announced Christmas Eve that all of their core books for Shadowrun, Battletech and Cthulhutech are $15.00 or less in Catalyst’s battleshop store. Thought I would let you know so you have somewhere to spend those Christmas gift cards you receive tomorrow. As usual, I do not receive a penny for any sales […]

The Tale of Jacques: A Study in Ignominious RPG Death

I am rerunning some”best of” posts through the holiday season. See you next year! After a week of blogging about massacres and finding non-mutant replacement gamers, I thought some humor appropriate. There are moments in a life that cannot be forgotten. Weddings, deaths, births and other life-changing moments loom in our memories like unchanging mountains. […]

Review: Witch of Salem Board Game from Mayfair Games

Review: Witch of Salem Board Game from Mayfair Games

“Witch of Salem” is a recent Euro board game import from Mayfair games. “Witch of Salem” is another in the recent surge of cooperative board games that pit the players against random obstacles generated from a card deck. Right off, I need to mention the main problem I have with this game; the terrible name. […]

Iron Man 2 Trailer is Up and I Nearly Seizured with Geek Happiness Watching it

Completely off topic, but the Iron Man 2 trailer is up on the Apple trailer site and it looks impressive. Looks like it is a replay of the old “Armor Wars” storyline, including some guys that look very much like Vault Guardsmen. If you have no idea what I am talking about, then you did […]

Scott Rouse, Former Wizards of the Coast D&D Brand Manager has a New Blog

Scott Rouse, the one-time brand manager for Dungeons and Dragons at Wizards of the Coast has a new blog up at  Rumor has it that Scott was the force behind a push for more “open” content from WOTC and I wonder what Scott will get up to now that he is free of the […]

Ex-Illis Mustering Tool and  Mac Client Released

Ex-Illis Mustering Tool and Mac Client Released

Ex-Illis, Bastion Studio’s  software-driven miniature war game has added a mustering tool to their website.  I initially logged in to my account to get the Mac software package and discovered I could muster my units into different configurations and there have been some interface improvements. I thought I would share images of the mustering system […]

The High Price of Credit Cards to your Friendly Local Game Store

The High Price of Credit Cards to your Friendly Local Game Store

Credit cards are both a boon and bane for local game stores. Boon in the sense that customers have instant purchasing power at hand, ready and able to spend (and overspend) their budgets in a game store.  This is clearly a boon for any retailer in the form of more sales. The bane comes from […]

The Harsh Reality: A Game Store Owner Talks Business

The owner of Imperial Outpost Games, the main gaming store on the West side of Phoenix, AZ recently started blogging and has several very impressive posts about the state of game retailing.  The posts really get into some deep detail about the expenses and sales at a local game store. His comments on issues like […]