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4th Edition Gamma World Power List Revealed

Wizards of the Coast just announced a new edition of “Gamma World,” an early post-apocalyptic RPG. After some research and a bit of sneakiness I discovered a partial list of the powers from the game. Here is a screen shot of the mutant plant list. Ok, I admit it. This post is satire. I am […]

Short and Great vs Long and Mediocre–Campaign Lessons from Television

Role-playing campaigns can learn much from the failures of television series. There is nothing worse than a long-term campaign that drags on past its sell-by date, slowly rotting like old milk. Plots grow convoluted, game master’s creative well runs dry and epic power is in the character’s hands. Rather than squeeze the last drop of […]

Gen Con 2010 Hotel Rates

Gen Con 2010 hotel reservations open tomorrow so I am posting the available hotel room rates for Gen Con through the RUBI system. The rates below are for double occupancy, but I  also checked for quad occupancy and some of the rates went up $10.00 to $20.00 while others did not change at all.  In […]

Absolute Power Corrupts, Sometimes

The Economist has a fascinating article regarding the abuse of power. Some very clever psychologists designed an experiment to test how individuals use and abuse power and the results were quite interesting. Though not strictly game related, the article is an interesting commentary on the worst type of person to wield power and who is […]

Ex-Illis William Wallace Miniature

Photos of the Ex-Illis Miniature Combat Iphone App and the William Wallace Miniature

Bastion Studios, publishers of the “Ex-Illis” miniature game released their Iphone application and I grabbed some screen shots of a game off my Iphone. If you are new to Ex-Illis, you can read more about the Ex-Illis miniature system that uses software instead of books for rules adjudication in my previous post. The Iphone applications […]

Gen Con Badge Registration is Open

Gen Con 2010 badge registration is open for business! Normally I do not post convention badge registration open notices, but the unique badge/hotel relationship at Gen Con makes it noteworthy. Remember that only badge holders receive the codes to purchase lower-cost ( and nearby) hotel rooms from the convention’s reserved room list on January 26th.  […]

The Tyranny of Epic Heroism–Small Stories Have Powerful Role-Playing

Sometimes it is the smallest act that defines someone as a hero. A copper placed in the hand of a street urchin, ignoring a violated law when humanity trumps justice or helping peasants evade an onerous tax are all heroic, but not on the scale of most fantasy novels or role-playing campaigns. Characters in RPGs […]

The One Ring: Lord of the Rings Role-Playing Game from Cubicle 7 Entertainment and Sophisticated Games

Angus at Cubicle 7 Entertainment dropped me a line about their new RPG license, “The One Ring:  Lord of the Rings Role-Playing Game.” I am happy to see someone take a fresh look at this venerable gaming property. As usual, I will stay on top of the development process and give you updates as they […]

Donate $20.00 for Haiti Relief and Get a HUGE Bundle of Role-Playing PDFs, in cooperation with many PDF publishers is offering a massive bundle of PDF offerings for $20.00. All proceeds go to “Doctors Without Borders” and are matched by RPGnow. Here is a partial list of what is in the bundle. MARS: Savage Worlds Edition, Thrilling Tales (SW), Apocalypse Prevention, Inc., Open Game Table, and Kobold […]