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Board Game Publishing Economics–The Harsh Reality

Michael Mindes, owner of Tasty Minstrel Games, put up a fascinating post about the brutal economics of publishing board games. Although Michael is hopeful about the future, the numbers speak for themselves.  I found the post refreshing in both its honesty and detail. Far too many people I meet in the gaming industry, especially the […]

Gen Con in Indianapolis Through 2015

Gen Con just announced they are staying in Indianapolis, Indiana until at least 2015. The links below are more about the convention center than Gen Con, but the extensive upgrades and renovations apparently encouraged Gen Con to stay a few more years. Gen Con convention center visit Gen Con staying until 2015 I did find […]

First Look: Amethyst Role-Playing Game from Dias Ex Machina--4E GSL with Guns!

First Look: Amethyst Role-Playing Game from Dias Ex Machina–4E GSL with Guns!

Welcome Enworlders! I hope you enjoy the post and be sure to check out our free “Great Munchkin Giveaway Contest!” Amethyst is a 4E GSL compatible role-playing game coming out in April 2010 from Dias Ex Machina games. Chris at “Dias Ex Machina” kindly gave me at early look at some of the art and […]

War Against the Cthorr--Post-Apocalyptic Alien Invasion RPG Inspiration

War Against the Cthorr–Post-Apocalyptic Alien Invasion RPG Inspiration

This is part two of my series on post-apocalyptic inspiration for a role-playing campaigns. David Gerrold wrote the original “Star Trek” episode “The Trouble with Tribbles” and “The Martian Child” which won the Hugo award a few years back, but he also wrote the excellent “Cthorr” series. The “Cthorr” series is a brutal, grinding tale […]

World War Z-Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Inspiration

World War Z-Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Inspiration

Post-Apocalyptic role-playing games are one of my favorite genres and zombies among my favorite villains. “World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks combines these two elements in a very literate take on the zombie genre. This is not your standard pulp fare, so do not expect a beefy hero […]

The Citadel, the Beer Garden and the Bazaar: Three Role-Playing Game Publisher Business Models

The Citadel, the Beer Garden and the Bazaar: Three Role-Playing Game Publisher Business Models

Role-playing publishers face significant hurdles to making money. Role-playing games are niche market in the best of times and within that niche gamer dollars flow to literally hundreds of game publishers. This makes for a very competitive market with relatively few dollars available for the plethora of publishers. In an attempt to garner market share, […]

How Not to Contact a Blogger about a New Game Release–Advice for Game Publishers

First off, I want it known that I like to hear from companies releasing new products. The game publishers may be in a niche industry, but it is very broad niche. There are literally hundreds of companies and I cannot possible keep track of all of their releases and activities. I need companies to send […]

Cheap Custom Embroidery for Game Club Shirts

Cheap Custom Embroidery for Game Club Shirts

Occasionally game groups or clubs reach a level where they take that final step towards local gamer fame…the club shirts! Most clubs use t-shirts and silk screening or decals for their club shirts.  I did some research for my group (The Dice Templars)  and found a company, Queensboro Shirts that sells very affordable embroidery services. […]

The Tale of Haaldaar: Master of the Grenade

Hearing other people’s gaming anecdotes is usually an exercise in location jokes that mean little for those not present. It is for this reason I rarely recount anything from my Alpha Omega home game. That said, Haaldaar my co-blogger provided some serious humor at our last game that I thought worth posting. “Alpha Omega” is […]