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Battle Foam v. Outrider Hobbies Lawsuit Update

Battle Foam filed a motion today in response to the motion by Outrider to move the case from New Hampshire to Arizona. The full PDF is available for download below, but the main thrust of the filing is that New Hampshire is the correct venue for the lawsuit and the court should ignore Outrider’s motion. […]

Blog Failure–Purple Pawn Judges a Game by its Cover

Purple Pawn is  one of my regular (and favorite) stops in the gaming blogosphere. It is one of the few gaming sites that does not pander to a given game system and actually focuses on the games and the game industry  as a whole. However, the Pawn’s  recent post regarding the “Pangenre” PDF release disappointed […]

Lair of the Liche Lord from Fantasy Nations: True Gaming

Lair of the Liche Lord from Fantasy Nations: True Gaming

Last week I wandered into my local game store and noticed a display of new games arrayed on a table. The games were notable for their packaging and production values: plastic bags and  photocopied rule books.    On impulse, I picked up “Lair of the Liche Lord” from Fantasy Nations. “Liche Lord” is a tabletop war […]

Soda Pop Miniatures Limited Release--Ayu Beat!

Soda Pop Miniatures Limited Release–Ayu Beat!

Soda Pop Miniatures forwarded me an image of their latest release Ayu Beat! with her little friend Treble. Combining the most ferocious elements of a J-Pop Idoru and a hardened warrior is my best description for this mini, a sort of weaponized Puffy Amiyumi.  I would not normally give a single miniature a write-up but […]

Free Online Marketing Guide for Game or Book Authors

Wiley, a large book publisher of literally thousands of book titles has a free PDF with some good marketing advice for the aspiring author. Although meant for standard novels and the like, much of the advice will work well on RPG releases and board games.  I especially liked the focus on creating a blog about […]

In the Mail: Arena Assault from Samurai Games

Received in the mail today: Arena Assault from Samurai Games. I have three sets “Samurai vs Ninja,”Cat Fight!” and “Robot War.”

Outrider Hobbies Responds to Battle Foam Lawsuit

Outrider Hobbies Responds to Battle Foam Lawsuit

Outrider Hobbies submitted a motion to the District Court of New Hampshire requesting either outright dismissal of the lawsuit brought by Battle Foam or moving the case to Arizona. The image below is from the motion. The supporting document attached to the motion  outlines why Arizona is a better location for the trial; witnesses are […]

Selling Miniatures is the Past–Selling Miniature CAD Designs is the Future

For centuries people have used miniatures for a variety of games, from complex battlefield re-creations to tactical movement in a role-playing game. In either case the miniature fabrication process is the same. A sculptor carefully crafts a master miniature and then creates a negative mold. That mold is then filled with a malleable material (plastic, […]

Review: Straw from AEG

Review: Straw from AEG

“Straw” from Alderac Entertainment Group is a rules-light card game that is quick and very entertaining.  Each player receives four cards, most of which are items like rugs or lamps. Each item has a weight. There are some special items that are wildcards or have negative weights. The players place a single card on the […]