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Battle Foam v. Outrider Hobbies Trademark Case–The Judge Ruled and the Case is Over

The New Hampshire court ruled today on the Battle Foam v. Outrider Hobbies trademark infringement case. For those coming late to this legal party, Battle Foam sued Outrider Hobbies claiming trademark infringement regarding their respective lines of custom cut foam blocks for miniature transportation. Today, the court dismissed the case against Outrider. As in the […]

The Gen Con 2010 Game Schedule for Trask

Gen Con 2010 draws near and I finally have a schedule of games to play. Gen Con is the largest gaming convention of the year and competition for tickets is fierce. In fact, a great many events sold out the first hour of registration! I know this because my initial plans went out the window […]

Palladium Books Files Counter Claim Against Trion Worlds And Requests a Jury Trial

I thought the ongoing legal saga between Palladium Books and Trion Worlds went on hiatus until the September court date.  I was wrong.  Palladium Books dropped some new filings on the California court today. There are many documents, but the two primary ones are a counter-claim document that seeks injunctive relief for Trion World’s alleged […]

GenCon 2010 Exhibitors and Vendor Web Site Directory

GenCon 2010 Exhibitors and Vendor Web Site Directory

Gen Con 2010 draws near and once again here my  link list of all of the vendors and exhibitors. The list is a bit longer than last year, which bodes well for the size of the convention and overall health of the gaming community. I could not find a few sites, so if you have […]

In The Mail: The Decision Matrix and The Fall of Carthage

In the mail  comes two offerings from [aom url=””] and   [aom url=””]. The first book is a managerial strategy primer that uses the classic Hasbro game of “Risk” as a reference point. “The Fall of Carthage” is a history of the Punic Wars. but written with the interested layman in mind. I am reading “The Fall […]

In The Mail: Thunderstone from Alderac Entertainment Group

AEG kindly forwarded a copy of their deck-building game Thunderstone today. I am anxious to give it a try and will have a full report/review in the very near future. Trask, The Last Tyromancer

Poll: Do You Use a Nook, Kindle or an Ipad at Your Game Table?

Technology permeates every aspect of our lives and gaming is no exception. Laptops are a staple at many game tables, but recent advances have created a new class of computer: the tablet. Tablet, at least for today’s post” refers to any of the relatively low-cost e-readers and tablet computers that seem to multiply with every […]

Trion Worlds v. Palladium Books Trademark Case Has A Start Date

That date is September 10, 2010.  Looks like we have to endure a long summer of speculation and forum wars before the case even starts.   Although, the long delay may give all the involved parties a chance to hash out a solution. (Pure speculation on my part. I have no information that negotiations between the […]

Review: Forbidden Island by Matt Leacock

Review: Forbidden Island by Matt Leacock

Forbidden Island by Matt Leacock and published by Gamewright is a cooperative board game designed for 2-4 players. Since “Pandemic” and this game share the same developer, there are some striking similarities. That said, “Forbidden Island” is a fun, quick co-op game with a clever theme for a great price ($15.99). Game play begins with […]