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4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons and Game Variety

Chris Dias, publisher of the “Amethyst” GSL campaign kindly agreed to guest blog during my convalescence. Here are his thoughts on variations within the 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons world. An interviewer once asked me what got me into role-playing games.  I answered quickly and thus truthfully…being fat.  Even when I molted the pounds in […]

Legend of the Five Rings Seeks Submissions

AEG is seeking submissions for an L5R supplement coming out next year. Here is the announcement. Hi All! AEG is running a new contest for the 4th Edition RPG, for avid writers and fans of L5R who might want to be published authors! — The fourth edition of the Legend of the Five Rings Role-playing […]

All games are Story Games: Practical abstraction, gameplay and storytelling

All games are Story Games: Practical abstraction, gameplay and storytelling

Hi! This is Tyler Tinsley, just doing a little guest blogging. I’m a published game and toy designer and love the sound of my own keyboard. Grab a nice drink this article is a little long, but worth it! Abstraction is the refuge of both the pretentious and the extremely nerdy.’s first definition of […] Gets a Speed Boost–Please Notify Me of Any Issues

I made some significant modifications to the site today and need some help with testing. I removed a lot of obsolete javascript from the site, installed a content delivery service (an extra server to provide faster image downloads), changed hosting to a grid-based system and did a general plug-in cleanup on WordPress. Bottom line is […]

Review - Pathfinder Rolepaying Game: Advanced Player's Guide

Review – Pathfinder Rolepaying Game: Advanced Player’s Guide

One of the hot new releases at Gen Con this year, was the Pathfinder Rolepaying Game: Advanced Player’s Guide by Paizo Publishing. As media, we get into the vendor area an hour early on Thursday, before the doors open to regular guests. And when those doors opened, I was standing next to Paizo’s booth. All […]

Trask Wounded in Battle With A Mop–Posts Limited for a Few Weeks–Guest Bloggers Welcome

After a slip and  fall on my kitchen floor(damn all mops!), I am now the proud owner of a broken elbow. Not serious, but it prevents me from typing two-handed until the fracture heals.  Stuart, my collaborator, will get the occasional post up, but I am out of action for the duration. If there are […]

In the Mail: Wars of Religion, Field of Glory:Renaissance and Command 8: Henry V from Osprey Publishing

In the mail today from Osprey Publishing: Wars of Religion: Western Europe 1610-1660 (Field of Glory Renaissance) Henry V: The background, strategies, tactics and battlefield experiences of the greatest commanders of history and Field of Glory: Renaissance.

The Death of Faith

The Death of Faith

Faith-based characters like clerics, priest and monks wield holy might, but often  treat  their miracles like bullets in a gun. There is no wonder from these minor miracles, only the expectation of more miracles on demand.  The miraculous is now mundane.  Players forget about the rigors of  faith because of the flashy powers, but faith […]–Support Free Classical Music

I heard about and thought is such a good idea it warranted an off-topic post on a game blog. Museopen uses donations to pay professional musicians to record non-copyrighted (Bach, Beethoven, etc) music and then releases the performance with no copyright restrictions and it is all a free download.  It is a boon for […]