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Wanted: Iphone Carcasonne Opponemts

“Carcasonne” on the iPhone is great fun, but I currently only have a few friends with IPhones to play with and I prefer more players in my games. So I send out this plea (challenge?) to those among my readership that would enjoy crushing me in a game of “Carcasonne. ” Please send game requests […]

4th Edition and the Giant Robot–The Modern Dilemma

4th Edition and the Giant Robot–The Modern Dilemma

Around the same time the GSL was being promised in 2008, the wizards of western shores had in fact promised two game system licenses.  One was to be the D&D system license and the second, dubbed the 4E GSL, due for release in early 2009 (this has also been described as anecdotal).  No one had […]

Palladium Books v. Trion Worlds Inc. Rifts Trademark Case Resolved!

Update: The judge signed the order today. The case is dismissed! After months of wrangling, the trademark case between Trion Worlds Inc. and Palladium Books is effectively over. For those just joining this legal party, Palladium Books sued Trion Worlds Inc. over its use of the term “Rift” in the new MMORPG “Rift: Plane of […]

New Wings of War Revised Deluxe Set is My Next Game Purchase

New Wings of War Revised Deluxe Set is My Next Game Purchase

I am a big fan of “Wings of War” and Nexus Games has  a new version of the basic set on the way.  Oddly, I never bought the basic set when it first came out. I just bought some planes and used a friend’s basic set for the rules. After two major “Wings of War” […]

Trask Lives!

Let the gaming blogosphere know fear as I have returned! 😉 After several weeks of annoyance, my clumsiness-induced broken arm is on the mend and I am now back to full-speed typing. I want to take a moment to thank Tyler Tinsley, Ashy of the Wandering Men and Chris Dias of Dias Ex Machina Games […]

Kickstarter: Gaming Paper Adventures–65 Square Feet of Dungeon Map! has a new project up on Kickstarter for role-playing gamers. The new idea is “Gaming Paper Adventures.” GP created a massive, double-sided, 100 page dungeon map that you assemble yourself into a map…a really large map.  Titled “The Citadel of Pain,” the map supports a module of the same name and  several pending PDF […]


Game Review: HEX HEX XL by Smirk and Dagger Games

Normally, we reserve the game reviews on LivingDice for brand new games. However, there is a new “re-launch” that I think everyone should know about. Smirk & Dagger Games (you most likely know them from Cutthroat Caverns fame) has relaunched their HEX HEX card game. HEX HEX was originally released in 2003.  A couple years […]

Book Report: The Führer’s Headquarters – Hitler’s command bunkers 1939–45

Book Report: The Führer’s Headquarters – Hitler’s command bunkers 1939–45

At LivingDice, we often trumpet our love of using history as inspiration for RPG adventuring. One of my favorite quotes, when I think of history and RPGs, comes from an American author named Joseph Heller (of Catch-22 fame). In his book ‘Good as Gold’ he said: History was a trash bag of random coincidences torn open […]

The ExIllis Emissarius Miniature Releases--Armies Tremble

The ExIllis Emissarius Miniature Releases–Armies Tremble

Bastion displayed their  “Emissarius” miniature for Ex-Illis at Gen Con and I failed to get  a good shot of him. Note the scale of the small knight next to him. It is a truly massive miniature. Trask, The Last Tyromancer