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Adapting to the Adaption

How does one adapt to a game that is constantly changing? Let’s look at what’s better–a single revision or numerous updates. I’ve spoken at length about the differing atmosphere that has gravitated around 4th Edition D&D compared to its predecessor. There is an increased intolerance with deviating from accepted D&D principles. Knee-jerk reactions from certain […]

Site Update: Apture Installed

Apture is a small script that automatically adds a “Learn More” button when you highlight text on the site. Click the button to bring up a small window with Google and/or Wikipedia entries for the highlighted term.  I hope it makes the site more useful.  This is a pilot program and if it is too […]

Thunderstone: Dragonspire Unboxing

Thunderstone: Dragonspire Unboxing

AEG forwarded a copy of Thunderstone: Dragonspire today and I thought a very quick unboxing post in order. Once I get a chance to  play it, I will put up some more thoughts. A quick look through the rules shows that Dragonspire is either a supplement for use with previous versions of Thunderstone or a […]

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena is Streaming on Netflix

“Spartacus: Gods of the Arena” is the second season of my favorite sex and violence soaked television show, “Spartacus.” Once again, it seems someone read a book about the Roman Empire before writing the script! Some of the historical touches like what a public privy looks like are fascinating, if a little disgusting by modern […]

Can You Survive the 12 Mile Gen Con Death March?

Can You Survive the 12 Mile Gen Con Death March?

The Gen Con 2010 gaming convention was a twelve-mile hike over four days.  This is not an estimate, it is a fact. My collaborator on this site wears a pedometer as part of his fitness program and recorded slightly over 12 miles as his total for Gen Con 2010.  I suspect many people exceed that […]

You’re Saying That Wrong

If you think conforming to the GSL is hard. Try conforming to 4th Edition D&D’s vocabulary. On numerous occasions I’ve been asked about what is the most difficult aspect of writing 4th Edition. I offered a few general answers from ensuring that all the powers balance with each other to adapting Amethyst to the evolving […]

Dungeons & Dragons--The Legend Needs a Hiatus

Dungeons & Dragons–The Legend Needs a Hiatus

“Dungeons & Dragons”  is one of the oldest, most famous and  valuable game trademarks in existence.  Even non-gamers instantly associate the game with dice, dragons and gaming in general. Often , D&D is the gateway game to the entire RPG hobby for players.  That level of name recognition and market penetration has tremendous value and […]

Gen Con 2011 Registration is Open

I just purchased a Gen Con 2011 4-day badge and if you are going you should as well. Reason being is that hotel registration goes live on Tuesday, January 25th and requires a badge. No badge means you are staying at a hotel so far away that the daily trip to the convention center is […]

Ex-Illis Closes Its Doors

Bastion Studios, publishers of the Ex-Illis  miniature game ceased operations today. I do not have all the details as to why, but it appears that they simply ran out of operating capital.  The guys at Bastion express hope for a fresh round of financing, but that is still an unknown quantity. This is truly a […]