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The Last of the Independents

Review: The Last of the Independents from Numbskull Games

The Last of the Independents is a recent Euro-style board game from Numbskull Games. The idea behind this game is to out engineer, out manufacture, and out advertise your competition as an Automobile company circa 1950’s. Aside from the unique setting, this game is also noteworthy that it is a strategy board game that does […]

Phoenix Comicon 2011-- A Gamer's Perspective

Phoenix Comicon 2011– A Gamer’s Perspective

Phoenix Comicon 2011 was my first comic book convention, so I write this post with no real baseline for comparison.  I started in the exhibitors area, just to check out what was for sale because my wallet seems to open more freely at conventions. Must be something in the $4.00 bottles of water.  The vendors […]

Trask Invades Phoenix Comicon for Gaming Action

Trask Invades Phoenix Comicon for Gaming Action

I am not normally one to attend comic/pop culture conventions, but one of my regular gaming group notified me that there is substantial gaming at Phoenix Comicon this year. With this information I acquired media credentials and decided to drop by this Saturday.  Other than my usual reporting duties, I may sneak in a game […]

Thunderstone: Thornwood Siege Unboxing

Thunderstone: Thornwood Siege Unboxing

“Thunderstone: Thornwood Siege” arrived today and I thought a quick unboxing post in order.  This is not a stand alone supplement for Thunderstone like Dragonspire. Thornwood Siege is not playable without the base game or Dragonspire.  The set contains 284 cards with the usual mix of hero, village, monster, randomizer cards and 18 tokens to […]

Paper vs. Pixels.  Part 2:  Mass Effect is a Dirty Whore

Paper vs. Pixels. Part 2: Mass Effect is a Dirty Whore

This is a bizarre time we live in, where gamers praise if not outright command open world settings in which to explore. It’s one aspect of digital gaming that paper gaming often does better. With the right GM, a group can go anywhere and do pretty much anything and still encounter an interesting story when […]

The Little Moments

The Little Moments

If someone asks me why my hobby is role-playing games my stock answer is “they are fun.”  It was not until last Saturday night’s game that I experienced an epiphany. In one encounter I finally understood why I enjoy role-playing games so very much.  I play the game for the little moments. My RPG sessions […]