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Origins Game Fair 2011 Exhibitor and Vendor Web Sites

Origins Game Fair 2011 Exhibitor and Vendor Web Sites

                (Bumped, since Origins ended today.) Summer game convention season opens this year with the 2011 Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio.  While not as big as the venerable Gen Con, it is still a formidable convention with many game offerings.  To make you con-going experience more pleasant […]

Paper vs. Pixels. Part 4: Cannibalism, Incest and Pedophilia. One game.

Previously, I got talking about the plots in electronic games, and how they can be simplistic, amateurish, and mediocre. I could even call many of them lethargic. One of the clear ways you can determine this involves watching the many video game movie adaptations that had been made…if you can. Ask yourself, if “this” game […]

Nightfall: Blood Country

Nightfall: Blood Country

AEG just announced a new expansion for “Nightfall.” Nightfall: Blood Country comes out in October and leverages that ever important redneck demographic. Here is the press release: Cities have fallen, cities have stood, but outside of those protections, humans must face the creatures of darkness on their own terms. In the lawless countryside of Nightfall, […]

Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game Adventure Starter

Dungeon Crawl Classics at Free RPG Day

First and foremost, I would encourage everyone to attend Free RPG Day this weekend at your local game shop. It is an important event for our hobby and it is great way to try out new games and help find new players for the games that you love. You can visit the Free RPG Day […]

Paper vs. Pixels. Part 3: You Call That a Story?

I’ve preached until blue in the face that I require good and/or immersive stories in order to enjoy a game. Although I’ve occasionally found myself hooked in by the preposterously ludicrous fun that is Plants vs. Zombies, the games I spend $50+ dollars on should have an objective that I wish to achieve rather than […]

Learn From Other's Mistakes: The End of a Board Game Publisher

Learn From Other’s Mistakes: The End of a Board Game Publisher

Reiver Games published several board games over the past two years and was the full-time occupation of the company’s founder. It also ceased to exist as of June 6th, 2011.  Reiver sadly joined a long list of game publishers that did not make it.   Jack, the owner, kindly wrote a long post about what he […]

Crime Pays

Review – Crime Pays: A Godfather’s Grimoire by Goodman Games

When I sat down to read Crime Pays: A Godfather’s Grimoire by Goodman Games I was extremely shocked! And, in a very good way! I was expecting a DM resource to bring the Medieval Mafia down on your unsuspecting PCs. And of course, it does this very well. There are 60 new stat blocks with […]

Terrorwerks at Gen Con 2011 Advice Requested

Terrorwerks at Gen Con 2011 Advice Requested

Myself and two others bought tickets to the Terrorwerks live-action RPG event at Gen Con 2011 and would like some advice.  I read the event description and website and get the general idea about the event, but brief descriptions are no substitute for first-hand intelligence. So, if anyone out there played in a Terrorwerks event […]