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Ruminations on The Dark Knight Rises Imax Preview….and Some Tom Cruise Movie That Showed Afterwords

My local IMAX theater is thankfully running the “Dark Knight Rises” 6-minute preview in front of “MI-4: Ghost Protocol” and I checked it out. Visually DKR looks amazing and the stunts and plot look top-notch, but I did have an issue with the villain, Mumbles. You may have heard that Bane is the film’s villain, […]

Carcasonne IOS App Finally Updated

Carcasonne IOS App Finally Updated

Rivers, beautiful rivers. Words cannot express my joy with the new carcasonne tile sets. Behold! There are also double meeple tokens, new ways to score roads and cities and more tiles. A couple of test games showed that they make it much harder to block a city by creating a non-playable space. The supplements do […]

In the Mail: Tomorrow's War from Ambush Alley Games

In the Mail: Tomorrow’s War from Ambush Alley Games

Osprey Publishing kindly forwarded a copy of their latest release “Tomorrow’s War” from Ambush Alley Games.¬† It is a version of the “Force on Force” rules using science-fiction technology and tactics. It also¬† seems to have a more realistic take on the technology, less sci-fi and more DARPA. Looks like a lot of fun!   […]

The Continuity of Prometheus

The Continuity of Prometheus

It would be foolish for me to start this analysis by attempting to recap news everyone probably knows. To compress it into “blipvert” fashion, Ridley Scott returned recently to science fiction, the first time since Blade Runner, directing the space odyssey Prometheus, once known under a different title, Alien 5. Ridley had been all talk […]

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