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The Option of Sacrifice

For me, one of the most emotional moments in any game, television show, movie, or novel is self-sacrifice—when a character voluntarily commits an act to save many at the expense of one’s self. I don’t know what it is about that one narrative technique; it always makes my eyes swell and my nose run. And […]

Monte Cook Left the D&D Next Project. So What?

Monte Cook Left the D&D Next Project. So What?

Unless you spend long periods in a portable hole (with a Necklace of Adaptation to breathe) you are aware that Monte Cook left the D&D 5th Edition project.  Though gracious in his leave-taking  and stressing his departure related to a disagreement with WOTC and not in any way about the game design itself, the game community seemed  […] is Sponsoring Conflagration 2012

Conflagration 2012 is a new tabletop gaming convention in Tempe, Arizona and we are proud sponsors! I am a firm believer that local gaming conventions are critical to the survival of the hobby game industry, so anything this site can do to drive more people to conventions I will support.  Membership is $20.00 for the […]

When Good Stories Go Bad (or How to Avoid the Poochie Ending)

Mass Effect 3’s banal ending stands the latest example of franchises that run off the rails before arriving at the station. This is not to be confused with the term “jumping the shark”—associated with the phenomena when a failing franchise attempts a jarring tonal shift to the dismay and condemnation of what few fans they […]

Can Players Be Responsible?

As a GM, I’m often annoyed at my players’ lack of attachment. Like a first person shooter, they only care about what lies in their narrow forward vision and feel if it cannot be stabbed or shot at, it should be disregarded, and unless the undeniable noise of a demon-mecha-zombie is skulking behind them, they’ve […]