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Is It Really D&D Next?

Given the rise of knee-jerk reactionary bloggers in recent years, it serves as no surprise that a swell of criticism has arisen passing premature judgment on the next edition of Dungeons & Dragons. Coupled with this has been a marked rise in extremist opinions with few voices balancing the median. Even amongst my circle, I […]

It’s Just a Game

I hate those words. It’s just a game. It’s just a…whatever. The words are spoken by ignorant people imposing their opinion and belittling someone already bothered by something important to them. It cheapens desire, diminishes commitment, and undervalues passion. It’s ignorant because the speaker has no comprehension of the emotional liability of the person being […]

Gen Con 2012 Ticket Assault Completed

For those that missed it, this morning was the kickoff of Gen Con 2012 event registration. Hopefully you registered because the events went fast. Really fast. Werlen and I were waiting at exactly 0900 and clicked simultaneously on the “submit wishlist” button. He got 154th place in the queue. I got 750th! So much for […]

Milestone: Post #800

Milestone: Post #800

800 seems like such a large number and I was frankly shocked to see the total  in WordPress today. Actually, it was 799 so this post is technically the 800th post. When I founded the site four years ago I had reservations I could keep it going.  Or that anyone was reading the site (29,000 […]

How Inserting Romance Can Feel Hopeless

I’ll open this with an invitation for GMs to post their own examples of how they inserted romance in their own role playing games. I don’t mean two players already married; that’s a cop-out. I’m talking about a human player developing a relationship with a non-player character. It appears easier than you think. I’ve tried […]

First Look: Serpent Stones from from Dangermoose Entertainment

First Look: Serpent Stones from from Dangermoose Entertainment

Wandering the floor at Vul-Con a few weeks ago, I happened upon a booth for “Serpent Stones,” a new card game from Dangermoose games.  A Kickstarter project begins in June, but Dangermoose was kind enough to provide a prototype of the game for this article. Be warned that this is a prototype game, so this […]

I Bow My Head in Quiet Thanks to Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon pulled off the nearly impossible feat of making “The Avengers” entertaining, exciting and witty while respecting the source material. Oh, and sit through the credits. All the way through, as there are two scenes stashed between the cast list and the bitter end of the credits. One is setting up the sequel and […]

Wings of Glory Bomber Miniatures Release May 7th!

Wings of Glory Bomber Miniatures Release May 7th!

Trask is pleased. I am a big fan of “Wings of Glory”/”Wings of War” and have longed for the really big plane miniatures to arrive.  They release on May 7th, 2012. Behold the glory of the Caproni Ca.3 and the Gotha G.V.     Here is the full press release:   The first releases of […]