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Polishing the Turd . The Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut

It’s a great looking turd, with an astounding finish, the kind you’d put on your mantle to show off, and people would look at it and assume its value in gold, that kind of natural beauty. I’ve seen polished turds, and they look astounding, like a masterfully shaped piece of unglazed ceramic. That’s what you […]

THE REVENGE OF CYBERPUNK (and why I want to punch K. W. Jeter in the face)

Recently, I’ve noticed a resurgence of a genre I thought had faded, or at least had evolved to a state requiring redefinition. Educated readers no doubt know of the origins of the term “cyberpunk” and its popularity peaking in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Although the genre had been given its title in 1983, […]

Too Much Information

The Tyranny of Exposition

There is a  disturbing trend in mass media (eg movies and RPGs, whether tabletop or digital) to give too much background information, too much explanation about plots and characters.  Some background information is nice and gives the plot depth, but the primary storyline should not suffer because of it. In short, plots these days simply […]

Prometheus. What were you expecting?

Someone I used to know went crackers on his twitter account stating his dissatisfaction with Prometheus. I deemed his assumptions as rather pretentious. He brought up incomparable (emphasizing both definitions of the word) science fiction films like Moon and Pi. Odd, suddenly I’m hungry. From my perspective, he had escalated Prometheus to an unachievable echelon, […]

The Death of Storytelling

I believe confidently that in the next year, Activision, Bioware, Tecmo, or Rockstar will release a game simply called “Tits”. I know, catchy start, isn’t it? It’s the kind that immediately warrants a click-through. It wasn’t just backlash against Blizzard’s latest apparent mockery of storytelling or Bioware’s triumvirate of brain-farts after years of notable exceptions […]

A Two Sentence Prometheus Review

Check your brain at the theater door because the Prometheus’ crew clearly did before launch. Prometheus is a painfully awful, but beautiful film.   Trask