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Gen Con 2012–The Final Report–Part 2

Yesterday focused more on the vendors and my purchases. Today is all about the specific events and the promised “worst con game session ever.”    Thursday started off with “Firefly Hero.” We hopped aboard “Serenity” and tried to make a living being bad men while avoid the Alliance. By some miracle I wound up with […]

Gen Con 2012--The Final Report--Part 1

Gen Con 2012–The Final Report–Part 1

Gen Con 2012 is over and this is my report on the weekend’s festivities. The information appears in no particular order.   Wizards of the Coast starts our report with the release of a new “Dungeon Command” set “Tyranny of Goblins.” I played with my cohort Werlen, who is a massive miniature fan, especially the […]

Amethyst Renaissance

Eventually, I’ll write some new material. For the third time in four years, Dias Ex Machina is releasing its core setting for a game system. In 2008, it was 3.5 D&D. In 2010, it was 4th Edition under the banner of Goodman Games, followed up with Amethyst Evolution. Now in 2012, we have Amethyst Renaissance, […]

One setting, one DM, and eleven years running one game.

In 1995, I conjured up an idea called Amethyst. Back then, it was a simple post-apocalyptic tale with dragons, something dreamed up after watching the movie Dragonslayer. There was little magic in the setting otherwise. It simply dealt with the walled futuristic city of Angel (not unlike a megacity from Judge Dredd) defending itself from […]