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The Hobbit Film: Don’t Read this Review

Don’t. I mean it. You might do it anyway but you’re going to get angry. Not because I spoil elements of the movie,which I do, or because I’m critical of elements within it, which I am, it’s because The Hobbit, like The Lord of the Rings, is so cherished by the fans (some I call […]

Video Games of 2012 (And why these lists suck).

I’m not a game reviewer. Yup, just lost half my audience there. Anyone left. Trask? Mom? But I’ve played quite a few this year, probably more than previous years, and this is despite some unfortunate trends in the industry. These trends—good and bad—became more transparent and some (especially the bad ones) exploded violently in some […]

Where I Speculate On the "Star Trek: Into Darkness" Villain

Where I Speculate On the “Star Trek: Into Darkness” Villain

I am a life-long “Star Trek” fan. Life-long as in Captain Kirk fighting a Gorn with a homemade blackpowder cannon is my first memory on this planet. Literally.  I believe this makes me vaguely qualified to speculate on the identity of the mysterious villain from the upcoming film.   My speculation grew from the dribbles of […]