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Crafty Games and Spycraft Seek Volunteers for Gen Con 2013. Swag is Involved.

Crafty Games is currently seeking volunteers for Gen Con 2013! This is the year of Spycraft Third Edition folks, and we’re planning a big splash for the ol’ girl’s return, so we’re going to need all the help we can muster. Here’s what we have on offer… We cover half of each volunteer room, with […]

Gen Con 2013 Badge Sales are Live! Get One or No Hotel for You!

Gen Con opened up badge sales for 2013 today, so if you are attending pick one up.  Remember, you need a badge to get a code to buy a hotel room from the convention block of rooms. Failure to do so means you are either paying serious money for a room or you will need […]

APEX — Superhero rules for D&D

APEX — Superhero rules for D&D

DEM, publishers of Amethyst and Ultramodern4 will be releasing a supplement for its popular Ultramodern4 4th Edition ruleset. Apex introduces mechanics for superheroes and paranormal abilities in urban and science fiction settings. Apex is inspired by modern superhero tales—where enhanced humans hide from forces wishing their eradication. Readers will find similar philosophical similarities between Apex […]

Paizo Becomes Co-Sponsor of Gen Con

Looks like Paizo is going big this year at Gen Con. Bigger booth and a three-year sponsorship deal. Here is the announcement.   Paizo Publishing and Gen Con Reach Multi-Year Co-Sponsorship Agreement SEATTLE (January 22, 2013) – Paizo Publishing®, LLC, publisher of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, has announced an on-going partnership with Gen Con LLC, […]

Kindle Alert: Free Complete Sherlock Holmes Stories

Ok, I admit it. I am a Sherlock Holmes fan.  I read all the stories as a child and they still have pride of place in my personal library. Since I have moved on to a Kindle as my primary reading device, I was heartened to see a clean, free, Kindle-friendly edition appear today. Many […]

The GAMA Trade Show 2013 Seminar Schedule is Up and D&D Is Completely Missing

GTS 2013, the Game Manufacturers Association trade show is one of the major events for game publishers and retailers. Wizards of the Coast is a supporter of the event and usually presents an extensive slate of retailer programming, usually 40/40/20 between Magic, D&D and miscellaneous other releases. .  Well, the extensive slate of programming is […]

Ten Dumb Things D&D Won’t Change

Oh sure, there are certain mechanical decisions other games have done better. I’m not even talking about some of the philosophical choices made. I’m talking about weird mechanics which the designers appear to refuse to deviate from, concepts not only carried over from past editions, but ones recent editions, including D&D Next AND Pathfinder still […]

Review: A Memory of Light, Final Book of the Wheel of Time (Spoiler Free…Mostly)

Please indulge me for a moment before this review begins….Woohoo! I did it! I finished “The Wheel of Time” series! I slogged through 14 books, endless sub-plots, 500 page books that advanced the plot by four days, Nynaeve’s hair pulling, Egwene’s whining and a growing belief that Robert Jordan got paid by the word. It […]

Trask Speaks: I completed Memory of Light. The #wot nightmare…

I completed Memory of Light. The #wot nightmare is now over. #wheeloftime