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Obituary: Allan B. Calhamer 1931-2013 Creator of Diplomacy the Board Game

Obituary: Allan B. Calhamer 1931-2013 Creator of Diplomacy the Board Game

I learned today that Allan Calhamer recently passed away. Calhamer was a sadly little-known, but influential game designer that created what I consider to be the best board game every made, Diplomacy.  A game with no luck element, Diplomacy relied on the player’s persuasive ability, deviousness and ruthless self-interest to achieve total victory.   Friends became […]

Is It Really That Bad: Aliens: Colonial Marines

Two games released within weeks of each other have generated massive fan reaction, Dead Space 3 and Aliens: Colonial Marines. I admitted a bias in both because of my history with the latter. Before going “legit” with Amethyst, I was creating homebrew RPGs on my still functional website The flagship game of that site […]

Kickstarter: MaricopaCon–A Gaming Convention for Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix is currently without a dedicated gaming convention, so I am throwing my support behind an effort to launch a new convention, Maricopacon. It promises to have all the usual goodness of gaming and it is very reasonable at $20.00 for the weekend.  It is running on August 13 and 14th, 2013 at the Mesa […]

NeuroSpasta – The Video

Dias Ex Machina has released a video showcasing the artwork for their upcoming cyberpunk RPG, NeuroSpasta. NeuroSpasta – The Video Artwork by… Nick Greenwood ( M. Wayne Miller ( Music by Bilian, adapted from the Webshadow, “In The Company Of Mirrors”

Review: John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood

Review: John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood

John Carter the film is one of the great cinematic disappointments of the past 10 years. Stop and consider what Disney had to work with, an epic story, a beautiful princess, villainous villains and a hero of legend…on Mars!  Ok, I am not such a fan boy that I cannot move on from a famous […]

Reclaim Space Marines from Games Workshop's Lawyers

Reclaim Space Marines from Games Workshop’s Lawyers

Games Workshop registered a trademark for “Space Marines” some years ago and is now using that to force Amazon to pull a sci-fi ebook from their store because it uses the term “space marines” in the title.  Normally I avoid dipping my toes in anything to do with GW’s legal adventures, but this is egregious.  […]