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Gen Con 2013 Exhibitors and Vendor Link List with Descriptions

Gen Con 2013 draws near and here is my yearly list of all the vendors attending Gen Con 2013.  If you see any errors or omissions, please drop me a line.   Trask, The Last Tyromancer Online role-playing game tools Abbots Hollow Studios Using leather and creative imagination to create fantastical creatures, faces, potion […]

Xbox One: Welcome to the Family

Before the jump, I’ll summarize by saying that the unveiling was disappointing but not unexpected. What I found surprising was the level of rage generated by serious journalists and their claim that said rage was a reflection of them being taken seriously as journalists. I really wish someone with a modicum of perspective would comment […]

Respecting Trek

I admit being probably one of the few people that found Star Trek: Into Darkness disappointing. It’s not altogether a bad film, just one that misses the mark and doesn’t live up to its full potential. Part of this problem is its half-hearted and misguided attempts at fan service and its insistence on milking key […]

Hasbro Sues to Prevent the Dungeons and Dragons Movie

Dark Horizons is reporting Wizards took legal action to prevent the recently announced reboot of the “Dungeons and Dragons” movie from the producers of the last two films. I am rooting for Hasbro on this one. The last two films were crimes against cinema and with a track record that poor I would sue to […]

The Agony of Choice: Gen Con 2013 Event Decisions

Choice is usually a good thing. I sometimes like hamburgers and sometime hot dogs. Having a choice between two options is nice and gives a sense of control to my life. A sense of control that evaporated when I once again undertook the arduous process of choosing events for Gen Con 2013. Every year I […]

Economics of Gaming: Pre-Ordering

Before I address this topic, I have to come clean about the “question.” Basically, I was curious about why anyone would pre-order a game in an encroaching digital future. I was also curious if companies are really required to offer them anymore. Initially, the reasons for pre-ordering were two-fold. Firstly, it was a way for […]

Gen Con 2013 Events are up!

The Gen Con 2013 Events are posted!   Trask.

Battlefoam Versus Blood of Kittens–Another Pointless, Tedious Legal Fight

Over the years I have covered some notable legal issues that directly impact the gaming industry and once again Battlefoam is back in the news. Here is a quick summary with helpful numbers to keep the order straight. 1. The Blood of Kittens blog (allegedly) said some unflattering things about Battlefoam and its owner. 2. […]