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Turnabout Microsoft

Well, that was fast. Microsoft’s biggest mistake wasn’t them instigating convoluted and unpopular used game and online policies, and it wasn’t them reversing said policy when it proved a public relations nightmare. No, their true guilt is their utter lack salesmanship—their lack of skill in selling this idea as a benefit to the consumer. Was […]

Battlefoam Versus Blood of Kittens Update--Battlefoam Counter-Sues in Arizona

Battlefoam Versus Blood of Kittens Update–Battlefoam Counter-Sues in Arizona

The Battlefoam lawsuit versus Blood of Kittens continues with Battlefoam filing a counter-suit in Arizona.  The lawsuit in its entirety is at the bottom of this post as a PDF file if you want to read the whole thing, Once you get past the legal boilerplate, here is the bare bones version of the lawsuit. […]

Analyzing Sony’s Nut Punch

After the knee-jerk reactions I shared with the crowds at E3 regarding the PS4, something akin to the tongueless shouts of the mob crowding the cage of Thunderdome, I started to look back at the event and securitize what was said and why. The presentation was a mixed success, boring in some places, exciting in […]

Review: The Nazi Occult by Kenneth Hite

Review: The Nazi Occult by Kenneth Hite

Osprey Books has a long and distinguished history as a publisher of historical reference books. I am a huge fan of their product lines and many an adventure sprang from their non-fiction titles. Happily, Osprey is branching out into the gaming arena explicitly with their “Osprey Adventure” line of books.  It is a new line […]

Naming Names

In all honesty, I dislike the name of my game Amethyst. Back when it was a homebrew game, it could be excused, but as I developed the franchise, it made less and less sense that a dragon god be named after a gem that in legend staved off drunkenness. The other two volumes in this […]

Trask Speaks:

Trask Speaks: Now it is #gameofthrones. Everything else was just…

Now it is #gameofthrones. Everything else was just a warm up.