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Trask Versus Player Character Skills: A Gamer Tries Character Skills In Real Life

I begin a new series tonight where I, Trask, shed the familiar cloak of  tabletop role-playing curmudgeon  and share my attempts, both past and present to learn PC skills in real life.  PC skills are the standard things almost every RPG gamer chose for his skill list at least once.  Every D&D players chose “pick […]

Thoughts on a Numenera Campaign

For the past couple of months I subjected my players to a Numenera campaign filled with wonder, weird and unfathomable technology.  Now that I have some actual play time in I thought a post appropriate on my thoughts so far. This is not a review of Numenera so much as my feelings on how the […]

The GAMA Trade Show 2014 Begins This Week

The annual gathering of hobby game retailers in Las Vegas begins tomorrow at the Game Manufacturers Trade Association Show  at Bally’s casino. I covered the show for the past few years, but this year I am not attending.  Which is a shame because, so far as I know, I am the only person that actually […]