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Ten Candles--The Tragic Horror RPG Kickstarter

Ten Candles–The Tragic Horror RPG Kickstarter

“Ten Candles” is the first role-playing game kickstarter from Stephen Dewey and the premise sold me immediately. Everyone dies at the the end of the game. Always. There is no last-minute reprieve or deus ex machina to save everyone. All the PCs will die, but how you face that end is what matters. A darkness […]

The Strange Recursion Codex is Active–Do Not Post Anything You Want to Copyright

Monte Cook games has announced that the “Recursion Codex” website is online. Game masters can use this resource to post their recursion (campaign worlds) to share with other gamers and  lose all their copyrights on that world/recursion. From the Terms of Use: You relinquish all claims of copyright over content you post. I post this […]

The Strange: Great Moments In Fast Talk Failures

The Strange: Great Moments In Fast Talk Failures

Our “The Strange” campaign kicked off last night and a classic, sure to be remembered event transpired that deserves immortality on the interwebs.  Our party of “Estate” agents (think Men In Black) sought information on strange events in a suburban home, discovering an artifact and dark experiments. Basically, another day at the office for Estate […]