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Trask Speaks: #gencon faces a foe of pure evil. @Gamers, to arms...

Trask Speaks: #gencon faces a foe of pure evil. @Gamers, to arms…

#gencon faces a foe of pure evil. @gamers, to arms!

Gencon 2015 Hotel Registration--The Housing Hunger Games

Gencon 2015 Hotel Registration–The Housing Hunger Games

Every year my cohorts and I stand by, waiting for the nanosecond that the Gencon reservation system allows us to book rooms. We all press the button and surge forth to fight off the hordes of gamers trying to get in the system first and score prime hotels. Every year, we do really well and […]

My Tenuous Optimism Towards The Singularity

Recently, a trend has reemerged in cinema regarding artificial intelligence, probably the third cycle since the early 70’s. From HAL and Joshua to Agent Smith, films–and to a whole populist science fiction–remain transfixed on the idea of computers gaining sentience and subsequently going out of their way to make us regret it. They gain emotions […]