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Review: Easy Roller Dice Company Serpent's Blood and Legendary Copper Metal RPG Dice Sets

Review: Easy Roller Dice Company Serpent’s Blood and Legendary Copper Metal RPG Dice Sets

I remember my first set of RPG dice in the original red box so very long ago. TSR helpfully included a white crayon to fill in the numbers, lest you squint to read how badly the orc cleaved your skull.  Time passed and I upgraded my dice bag, first with crystal dice of multiple types […]

Gencon 2016 Event Registration Completed–Total Victory

Gencon 2016 event registration began today at noon Eastern time. So if you wanted to get in to a high-demand event and did not register this morning, this post is your bad news quota for today.  I always use “True Dungeon” as a benchmark of player demand because it has relatively few slots (relative to […]

Gencon 2016 Vendor List–Without the Annoying Map Interface

The Gencon 2016 vendor list is out, but Gencon once again made it difficult to use. I prefer  a  simple list of  exhibitor websites, so I stripped out the sites from the interactive map and generated a link list below. Happy shopping!   Trask, The Last Tyromancer […]