RSSArchive for July, 2016 Launches Pulp Magazine Kickstarter Launches Pulp Magazine Kickstarter   launched a new Kickstarter project to convert old pulp magazines to a digital format.  Pulp, for those of you that grew up after about 1990, were cheaply published weekly or monthly magazines full of high adventure, dangerous detectives and loose women.   Much of what we now call sci-fi, noir and fantasy has roots […]

Review : Torment-Tides of Numenera--The Explorer's Guide

Review : Torment-Tides of Numenera–The Explorer’s Guide

Monte Cook Games kindly provided a copy  of the “Torment: Tides of Numenera The Explorer’s Guide” before its official release and this is my review. Before continuing I must mention that this book is a supplement for the Numenera tabletop role-playing game. It does not contain any walk-through or hints regarding the upcoming video game, […]