Friday Link Fest

Perhaps not a fest, perhaps more of an intimate cocktail party, since I only have four links worthy of posting. This list runs the gamut from a funny post on a serious site to 3.5 OGL monster tools and the ethics of blogging. Quite the assortment.

Arcane Legions, an interesting take on collectible miniature games has put out a call for input on organized play. So if you want to have some input into the development of “Arcane Legions” organized play, here is your chance.

Osprey Publishing, usually a deadly serious vendor of historical references has an amusing post up on their blog. It regards an unsung group of freedom fighters…

Monster Advancer contacted me today about their new site that allows rapid advancement of 3.5 OGL monsters. It also has a random encounter generator. I tinkered with it a bit and quickly cranked out a half-dragon, ghost arrowhawk and it seems to work well, but it is still in development, so bugs probably exist. Definitely worth a look.

On a more serious note, Consumer Reports has an interesting report that the FTC may change its rules and force bloggers to reveal when they are compensated for a review. I have some strong feelings on this issue and will follow-up this weekend with a longer post.

Have a great weekend!

Trask, The Last Tyromancer



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