4th Edition Gamma World Power List Revealed

Wizards of the Coast just announced a new edition of “Gamma World,” an early post-apocalyptic RPG. After some research and a bit of sneakiness I discovered a partial list of the powers from the game. Here is a screen shot of the mutant plant list.

4th Edition Gamma World Powers List
4th Edition Gamma World Powers List

Ok, I admit it. This post is satire. I am afraid the new GW will be nothing but 4E D&D with a patina of radiation.  I do not like 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. I find the combats tedious slogs, character abilities differentiated only by flavor text and skill challenges just silly.   If it was not for the fact that my game group (great bunch of guys) wanted to play it, I would never play 4th Edition. Ever.

Now WOTC wants to use the 4e system to drive a new version of “Gamma World.” Much as I love “Gamma World,” 4E is gaming kryptonite to me.  Until WOTC dumps 4E in the dust bin of gaming history, I will not buy any game from them.

Edition wars aside, rumor has it that the new GW supplements have a random, collectible aspect to them. Additional character mutations come in random booster packs, complete with commons, rares etc.

Assuming this comes to pass, I have two words for WOTC on this issue: Bite me!

CCGs are evil. I have never bought into one of these money-pits  and I never will. You want to sell card supplements? Fine. Use the “Dominion” model and list the contents of the booster box.  I am especially angry about this because WOTC is the leading RPG publisher and I do not want a CCG business model infecting the RPG industry.  Others companies may follow their lead.  One bit of advice for those that will buy the new GW;   never buy a booster pack. That way the GW franchise lives on, but the odious CCG component dies a swift death.

This is the end of my rant. Feel free to flame away in the comments.

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10 thoughts on “4th Edition Gamma World Power List Revealed

  • February 1, 2010 at 4:51 am

    Ok, you got me on the Gamma World Powers. Lol!

    It’s cool you don’t like 4e. No, really. The world would be a Very Boring Place if everyone liked all the same things.

    It’s a shame though, because with all your passion I reckon you’d make a darned fine 4e gamer 😀

  • February 1, 2010 at 6:54 am

    I guess if you do strive to make every class balanced, then you end up making them the same.

  • February 1, 2010 at 7:25 am

    I played the new Gamma World and had tons of fun, so that’s good enough for me. If you don’t like 4e, you’re not going to like it, that’s for sure.

    I will probably buy some booster packs too. I don’t think CCGs are evil and have played plenty in the past, and the only way it would bug me would be if buying them gave you a real advantage, which isn’t the way they’re doing it.

    So, there’s my dissenting opinion.

  • February 1, 2010 at 2:08 pm

    GAMMA WORLD is what got me into RPG’s, though I feel if done right 4e could be a good base mechanic for a new Gamma World.

    But, it won’t be done right, and if there is any truth to the “collect-ability” of it, then I’m even more sad…

    I would much prefer a really well designed Gamma World for Savage Worlds!

  • February 22, 2010 at 6:34 am

    The cost of the collecting cards s out rageous. The set 120 cards, better mutations and Tech then in the GM’s deck. To buy 120 card you have to buy 15 boosters. That 3.99 each $60.
    WotC makes the Character card sets of 100 ablities for $10.
    Ir is not that these card are really optional either. It is the Adventurer’s Vault for Gamma World. Except that the cards would probably be about 13 pages… AV is over 200 for $20.
    This card Idea is terrible for the consummers.

  • August 10, 2010 at 7:40 am

    The Gamma world CCG mechanic is designed as an option for more randomness. not as a collectible aspect. they even said at Gencon seminar showing off the game If you treat it like a CCG and build oober “decks” for your characters you will not have fun. the game itself comes with all the cards you need to play. its designed as a random element to teh game where a group of guys each buy a random booster to throw into thier character as a surprise to them and the players. im sure some people with collect tehm and build uber decks but that istn the intent. and since the game is cooperative you can play it how you want, as a ccg or as a rpg with a random card mechanic that makes the gaem spontanious and fun.

    BTW anyone who doesnt like 4e will LOVE the new essential line (red box reprint) its designed for 2 groups, 1- players learning to play 4th edition , and 2- players that played 1st and second edition that want to play with 4e player but do not like the 4e system. it makes classses simpler and less options than the core 4e builds.

  • October 9, 2010 at 11:33 am

    *Sigh* It’s hard to find an article about 4E without being force fed a strong opinion regarding the system (either for or against).
    Having gamed for over 30 years, and having played many, many different rpg systems, I can tell you that no one set of rules is without flaw. It just doesn’t happen.
    To anyone that rips apart 4E I can just as easily shred the system of 3.x and my arguments would be concise, logical and correct.
    To anyone that bags on 3.x, I could easily do the same to 4E, and again, my arguments would be concise, logical, and correct. The same goes for Savage Worlds, Shadowrun, Warhammer, Traveller, Pathfinder, FATE, HARP, Rolemaster, etc.

    And it doesn’t matter.

    Gaming, if it is anything, is about social interaction with friends, escapism, imagination, storytelling and, above all else, fun.
    If you’re hung up on the flaws of a gaming system, while all your friends are having a fun time with it, then quite frankly, you’re the downer in the group a.k.a. La Douche Bag.

    Remember, a good day of playing is better than playing through a terrible session of , and a day of playing is better than not playing at all.

    P.S. The Gamma World rules are different from the original (though which ‘original’ you are referring to depends on which version you played…there were several), but it still looks like a lot of fun. Why not give it an earnest shot before flaming it?

  • October 9, 2010 at 11:36 am

    @#%$&( HTML

    The above post should have said

    a good day of playing -Insert Rules System Here- is better than playing through a terrible session of -Insert Rules System Here-, and a day of playing -Insert Rules System Here- is better than not playing at all.

    So there. 🙂

  • October 15, 2010 at 6:50 pm

    Someone’s still living in 1989.

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