GAMA Trade Show 2010 Report–Part 3

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Imago USA

Imago USA is a manufacturer of games and books. I am sure you recognize some of their offerings from the major book store chains. Very high production values all around and I hope some of the game designers at the show take advantage of their services.

V-Cube North America

V-Cube manufactures high-quality Rubik’s Cube-like puzzles. V-Cubes use ABS plastic and a patented design (they claimed 54 patents!) for smooth movement. I gave one a try and it did move very easily. The cubes are extensible up to 10 layers. I cannot imaging the mind required to solve one of these monsters.

Gale Force 9 & Flames of War

The terrain and token manufacturer announced the new Market Garden boxed set and their recent licensing of “Dungeon Master’s Token Set.” They did not have samples of the token set at the show. They also had copies of the “Dogs and Devils: Breakout at Anzio” for the “Flames of War” miniature game. I received a copy of the book about “Dogs and Devils,”  so if you have any specific questions, drop me a line.

SWL Retirement

The “Baby Boomer Retirement Game” is a Monopoly-like board game with some trivia aspects. One funny bit was the “fill out a will” at the beginning. This is necessary as you can die during the game and your assets go to another player. Not my cup of tea, but for those that can remember Woodstock as a live event, it might get some traction.

ACD Distribution

ACD is a full-line distributor of games to the game retail sector. One of the larger in the industry and you probably bought from them indirectly if you ever bought a game.  Also organizes a very popular post-GTS poker tournament. Though invited, my poker skills are non-existent, so I merely observed.


This company sells point-of-sale terminals to the retail industry. I include it for completeness and because “Trune” was in the same booth. “Trune” is as-yet unpublished game that was on display from a relation of the Innerwerx team. Looked like a Catan/Magic hybrid with an anime theme.

Mystic Hobby Games

Mystic Hobby Resins casts miniature bases. They had a variety on display and mentioned they could do custom orders, such as custom textures or engraving on the base. MHR did make an interesting offer; if you have a game club or store and need some bases for a “paint and take” event, MHR could provide some “factory seconds” for the event. Contact MHR for further information on this offer.

Collins Epic Wargames LLC

Collins Epic Wargames had their latest war game offering on display; “San Pietro Infine.” This is a very serious game, with many pieces and lots of realism. On a lighter note, “Spearpoint 1943” is a World War 2 themed two-player card game. The mechanics involved simultaneous combat actions and equipment that requires a crew to operate. I hope to get a better look a this 175-card game on release (May, 2010 for $29.95). Click the link above for a preview PDF.

Duncan Toys Co

Last year it was called “Warballs.” This year, “Warstone.” Duncan changed the name of this collectible marble game due to some legal issues. It plays very similarly to a CCG, just with marbles. They do have an interesting marketing approach; the cub scouts. Apparently the cub scouts have a “marble” badge and Warstone fulfills the requirement. Not sure if this one will catch on, but it is nice to see a classic still hanging on.

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