GAMA Trade Show 2010 Report–Part 5

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Reaper Miniatures

Reaper is pushing their line of pre-painted plastic miniatures “Legendary Encounters” through their Asylum Miniatures imprint. I was not familiar with the line and it looked quite good, certainly equal to many of the other pre-painted miniatures available from WOTC.

Reaper miniatures will continue to offer their standard line of metal, unpainted miniatures.

Moosetache Games

Moosestache Games came with a new trump-like trick taking card game called “Rowboat.” Haaldaar and I got in a full game of “Rowboat” after hours and had a good time. We also got a review copy, so we will get that up as soon as we can.

Mayday Games

Mayday Games, primarily known for plastic sleeves that fit the smaller euro board games, also has a line of games. They demoed “Space Junkyard,” a tile games and “Hagoth” a prototype card game that focuses on a viking building a boat. “Hagoth” will be available in 2-3 weeks.

At the end of the table is the Catan frame Mayday sells as well. It prevents those annoying Catan “table-quakes” when building your island. Haaldaar salivated a great deal over that little item.

The final offering from Mayday is a Carrom-like board flicking game called “Crokinole.” I was not familiar with it, but apparently it is big in Canada.

Dept of Homeland Security

The government was at the show. Purely informational. I include them only for completeness. Sorry, no pictures of this one.

Catalyst Game Labs

Before going into specifics about Catalyst Game Labs offerings, I took the opportunity to speak with Randall Bills regarding the recent financial issues announced by Catalyst. He described the issue as “bad habits” that originated at the founding of the company. He also stated that the issue came to light last November and Catalyst is implementing new financial processes and oversight to prevent the issue from reoccuring. Catalyst is now focused on moving forward as a company. Randall also said he had received a lot of support at GTS from attendees.

In game news, Leviathans still does not have a release date, other than “this year.” Wildfire, creators of Cthulhutech, announced their latest offering “Ancient Enemies” is likely for Gen Con.

Pulp Gamer

The podcasters of “Pulp Gamers” were showing off the podcasting skills and the “White Glove” board game video demos they produced for Mayfair Games.

Wyrd Minatures LLC

Wyrd continues to develop the Malifaux miniature skirmish game. The most recent release is the “Peacekeeper” miniature. Wyrd also announced a second rulebook for the Malifaux world will be available at Gen Con.

Valley Games

“Stronghold,” a Polish board game import, receives a new English release from Valley Games at the end of this year. There is a new translation of the rules and some rulesĀ  fixes. Players either attack or defend a large castle from a horde of creatures or there is a co-op option as well. It has some real-time strategy elements, like a tech development tree for better equipment. The game looked very interesting, so I will follow-up with Valley when the release date gets closer.

“Days of Steam” is a “light, simplified train game, playable in 45-60 minutes. I have a review copy of this game and will be posting that review in the near future.

“Master Builder” makes players manage resources to build a city. The game actually comes with the buildings! It is printing now and should be available soon.

Check back tomorrow for more GTS 2010 content! I am not even half-way yet!

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