In The Mail: Salamis 480 BC, Command 4-Julius Caesar and The Varangian Guard 988-1453

In the mail yesterday arrived three new titles from Osprey Publishing. Expect a review of the Salamis 480 BC title in the near future. I find this battle fascinating and great RPG campaign inspiration.

[aom url=”/game_store/shop.php?c=17&n=none&i=1846039282&x=Julius_Caesar_The_background_strategies_tactics_and_battlefield_experiences_of_the_greatest_commanders_of_history”]

[aom url=”/game_store/shop.php?c=17&n=none&i=1846036844&x=Salamis_480_BC_Campaign”]

[aom url=”/game_store/shop.php?c=17&n=none&i=1849081794&x=The_Varangian_Guard_988_1453_Men_at_Arms”]



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