A Non-WOTC Approved 4th Edition "Compatible" Logo Appears…and Disappears

I got a notice this morning  that “Louis Porter Jr. Design ” published a “4th Edition System Compatible logo” on rpgnow.com.

From the description, LPJ Design is pitching this as  a logo for those companies that produce 4th Edition, but do not sign the 4th Edition GSL. See my Kenzerco post for more information.

When I went to the link (here ) there was a “not found” error. It looks like it was posted  and then removed. I do not know the reason for the removal, but thanks to Google’s cache, you can still take a look at it.

Anyway, decide for yourself if you think this is a viable idea.

Here is the link to the google cache version , but I also reprinted it below.

With all the recent changes due to the release of 4e, the GSL and the OGL, we here at Louis Porter Jr. Design have decided to create an all new 4th Edition System Compatible logo which can be used by any and all 3rd party RPG publisher, completely and absolutely free of charge, with any of their products that they wish to support the 4th Edition of the world most popular RPG, but not the GSL in a similar fashion to Kenzer & Company and Adamant Entertainment recent 4th Edition release.

The reason for this new 4th Edition System Compatible logo is the basic failure of the GSL and it use, unify and support of the 3rd party RPG Publishers who wish do to 4th Edition System Compatible material but do not support the GSL. This logo; as in similar fashion with the OGL 3.5 System Compatible logo; easily brands and makes 4th Edition System Compatible material easy to identify with this logo so people can tell on sight what gaming system they are supporting. The initial concept of the OGL was to make the gaming industry stronger by making it possible for more people to create and make products to support the concepts of the OGL.

With the release of 4e and the GSL, many 3rd party RPG publishers have decided to forgo the GSL completely make 4th Edition System Compatible material without use of the GSL. And with the limiting nature of the GSL in its current form, it has caused the creation of this new 4th Edition System Compatible logo. This logo has bee created in several graphic formats including Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Illustrator EPS, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop JPEG and TIFF. Each of these formats comes with three different versions: color, Grayscale and Black and White.

Trask, The Last Tyromancer



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