Dungeons and Dragons Digital Insider Update

“Wizards of the Coast” posted another update  regarding the digital insider .   Here is the original link .

Most of it is just a rehash of the previous post regarding features,  but there is some additional information about pricing.

The relevant sections are reprinted below.

What happens to my year-long subscription when the price goes up?

The $4.95 / month price covers Web content only (Dragon and Dungeon Magazines, the D&D Compendium, and the Bonus Tools). We will be charging more for access to the Character Builder, Character Visualizer, Game Table, etc. Our previously announced pricing for the full package (including both Web content and client applications) is $9.95 if you sign up for a full year (going up to $14.95 if you pay one month at a time).

The details of how transitions from one subscription package to another will work will be announced later, but you can safely assume that a) we will honor the terms of the package you signed up for and b) you won’t be charged more unless you choose to pay for more services.

What about free trials of client applications?

We will be making demo versions of the Character Builder and Character Visualizer available so that folks can sample those applications for free. Our plan for the demo version is to have full functionality, but only a small amount of data. So, for example, you might only have access to levels 1 – 3 or you might only be able to build a human. These demo’s will be a permanent fixture of the D&DI website (in other words: the free trial never ends).

How long will the free trial of the Web content last?

At least one more month.

I am still very skeptical of the entire package. I am taking a wait and see approach.

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