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(Bumped, since Origins ended today.)

Summer game convention season opens this year with the 2011 Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio.  While not as big as the venerable Gen Con, it is still a formidable convention with many game offerings.  To make you con-going experience more pleasant we present the list of exhibitors and vendors attending Origins 2011, as well as their web site links and a brief description of each company.  If any of the vendors are interested in changing their entry to something more elaborate or adding a banner, please contact me directly.

There are some exhibitors I could not find, or had names so generic I was not sure which one is attending Origins 2011. In either case, if you have any information on the missing vendor or find any errors in the list, please put up a comment or contact me and I will update the list.


This year’s list is sponsored by the new Steampunk web series “Mantecoza.” If you are interested in more information on this web series, click on the banner below.

Exhibitor Description
Acheson Creations The members of Acheson Creations continue the tradition in patternmaking, millwrighting, moldering, sculpting, castering and designing who have skills going back over 30 years in both North America and Europe.
Action Sports Note: conflicting results.
Adventure Retail (AR) Provides presentation that is generally designed to provide both the retailer and the buying public the most accurate and comprehensive adventure game catalog in the business.
Aerodrome Aerodromeis a simple, easy-to-learn, fun-to-play table-top game of aerial combat in World War I. With simple yet elegant rules, players “fly” colorful models of WWI aircraft, using wooden “cockpit” control panels to determine maneuvers and telescoping poles to simulate multiple altitude levels, and each side attempts to shoot down the aircraft of the other side.
AG Productions Note: too many search results
Against the Odds (ATO) Against the Odds magazine investigates military history from a broad perspective. The economic, political, religious and social aspects of warfare are examined in concert with events on the battlefield. Informative and insightful articles showcasing the history behind events, plus regular columns by noted game designers providing insight on the latest trends and events.
Alderac Entertainmnet Group (AEG) Alderac Entertainment Group is a progressive and dynamic company that makes a range of board and card games, with the ambition to be the best small games company in the world.
Alexandras Adornments Note: Results points to jewelry adornments
Amarillo Design Bureau (ADB) Amarillo Design Bureau is a company which specializes in tactical and strategic board wargames. The company created and developed the series of games set in the Star Trek-based Star Fleet Universe, under license from Paramount Pictures, which includes the tactical combat games Star Fleet Battles and Federation Commander, the strategic-level game Federation and Empire, the card-based tactical game Star Fleet Battle Force and the role-playing game Prime Directive.
Anime Palace Is a printed RPG rulebook with characteristics of rules that have been playtested and are 90% solid in the designer’s opinion.
APE Games APE Games has been publishing fine board and card games since 1997.
Arcane Tinmen-The Spoils The Arcane Tinmen line of transparent board game sleeves come in four different sizes suitable for a variety of board games.
Arcane Wonders Arcade Wonders develops strategy, tactical and mobile games. Games they developed includes Mage Wars, Emperor’s Arena, Crisis Control and Field Hospital.
Armorcast Armorcast was founded in 1995 and has been a pioneer in quality large scale gaming models and highly detailed gaming scenery for 12 years.
Armory Hobbies Caters to the hobbyist and collector alike offering great products from Games Workshop, Privateer Press, Battlefront, Warlord and more. They also offer paint and hobby supplies from Vallejo and Gale Force Nine. Models include ships inspired by many TV shows past and present, including Battlestar Galactica and Stargate.
Art by Susan Van Camp Creates artwork like Pencil Portrait, Digitally Colored Portrait, Simple Character Drawing, Detailed Character Drawing, Digitally Colored Simple Character Drawing, Digitally Colored Detailed Character Drawing and Simple Acrylic portrait.
Art of Ed Beard Features dragon art for the “Dragon” calendar, Dagon art prints, posters, T-shirts, mugs, puzzles, and collectibles. You will also find ,Wizards, Fairies, Gargoyles, Unicorns, Griffins, Phoenix and many more mythical creatures. Ed Beard Jr. is known for his works in Magic the Gathering art, Tolkien art, lord of the Rings and the Hobbit art as well Dungeon and Dagon’s art.
Asmodee Asmodee is one of the most important boardgames and Trading Card Games distribution companies in Europe. Asmodee is active in France, Germany, Benelux and Spain. We Asmodee is also well known as a games publisher, globally successful in board games, the most famous of which is Jungle Speed.
Asylum Miniatures Features Pre-Painted Plastic Miniatures: non random, non-blind packaging, and continuous release. Items are limited editions and they’re available anytime.
Atlas Games Atlas Games offers a wide selection of great pastimes for experienced gamers, hobbyists, and families. Our award-winning products are some of the most respected in the industry.
Badger Games Note: Results point to conflicting topics.
Bandai A leader in introducing Japanese toy trends to the United States, Bandai America Incorporated is the manufacturer and master toy licensee of some of the most popular brands in children’s toys and entertainment today, including Power Rangers, Ben 10, Dragon Ball Z , Harumika, and Tamagotchi.
Battle Bunker Games Battle Bunker Games was founded by Dan Hinkle in 2004 as a retail game and hobby store. Battle Bunker Games is dedicated to producing superior quality games and hobby entertainment products. We know nothing beats game time or organized play with family and friends at home or your local game shop.
Battle Foam Battle Foam specializes in custom cut foam packaging for miniatures, weapons, medical equipment and many other applications. Battle Foam also manufactures custom transportation bags and containers. These products work perfectly with the patent pending cutting system that Battle Foam uses to create virtually any storage solution.
Battlefront Miniatures Battlefront Miniatures Limited is a New Zealand company which manufactures 15mm (1:100) Scale models and miniatures from World War II for wargaming and collecting.
Belle & Blade Factory outlet sale of videos, books, shirts and lots of militaria, including a Russian Maxim machine gun.
Bereb Enterprises Inc Bereb has a new game called CampAntics. The idea behind the game is to capture all the fun and mischief of summer camp. This game has a focus of interactivity and social play.
Blood & Cardstock Blood & Cardstock Games is small company dedicated to creating fun through games. They are the makers of Showbiz Shuffle, Counting Zzzzs, X-Machina and the BRAND NEW Flagpole-editions of Evil Vendetta Pie Fight and Dim Sum Derby.
Blue Sky Enterprises Blue Sky Enterprises game company specializes in making educational yet entertaining games relating past events in history. “Black Cross/Blue Sky” is strongly fascinating for all aviation enthusiasts and those interestedin historic gaming. The focus of the game is to explore and master the many aerial assaults andbattles that occurred over England in the summer of 1940 . ( BGX is an online subscription rental service providing its members with access to a comprehensive library of board games (“Board Games”). They offer a number of membership plans at varying price levels—including special promotional plans or memberships—which provide subscribers access to rent a fixed number of Board Games during a month.
Brand New Games (BNG) Brand New Games is a family company focused on fun! Every game, whether it is a European style strategy game, an easy-going family game or a loud and exciting party game.
Brickforge LLC BrickForge is the result of an unstoppable force (armothe) meeting an immovable object (redbean). Together they boast a combined 20 years of minifig customizing experience, and have offered their unique brand of BrickForge accessories to the LEGO community since 2006.
Brand New Games (BNG) Brand New Games is a family company focused on fun! Every game, whether it is a European style strategy game, an easy-going family game or a loud and exciting party game.
Cambridge Games Factory Cambridge Games Factory will be there with Glory to Rome, Zombie in my Pocket, Barons, Hot Potato, North Pole, Aapep, and Sneeze. Designer of Zombie in my Pocket, Jeremiah Lee will be at the booth to demo and sign games.
Catalyst Game Labs Catalyst Game Labs is dedicated to producing high-quality games and fiction that mesh sophisticated game mechanics with dynamic universes—all presented in a form that allows beginning players and long-time veterans to easily jump into our games and fiction readers to enjoy our stories even if they don’t know the games.
Catan Tables The Settlement Series offers gamers to use the original Settlers of Catan board game, 5-6 player extension and Cities and Knights expansion pack. The series of tables are built from Amish quality craftsmanship in the USA.
Catan Tournament Area Is part of the entertainment and gaming industry. Today, their primary product is the successful board game The Settlers of Catan ™, which comes with an array of line extensions. Catan creator Klaus Teuber gained valuable experience as an independent game designer and founded the Catan GmbH in 2002.
Catan USA Inc Note: same with Catan Tournament Area
Chaosium Has a set of Call of Cthulhu quickstart rules for downloading pleasure which is free to distribute to friends, local game shops, players in convention events, or any other Cthulhu Curious folk you come across in your wanderings. 

The Call of Cthulhu Quickstart is a 20 page PDF download. It provides an overview of Call of Cthulhu, player character generation rules, and a free adventure. It’s available with either a black & white or color cover.

CharCon The site is active year round but gets busy in late summer. CharCon has the best of both worlds, open gaming and scheduled gaming.
Chessex Founded in 1987, Chessex has had a long history of manufacturing gaming accessories with an emphasis on dice.
Chimera Hobby Shop Chimera Hobby Shop, Inc. Store I and II are retail games stores that specialize in Miniature games, card games and Role-playing games.
Clash of Arms Games Clash of Arms Games is a developer & publishers of the Computer Harpoon Classic and Harpoon 3 Naval Wargames
Cleveland Kids Dedicated to the design of safe, enjoyable board games and to the rebirth of family game night where laughter and good conversation bridge the gap between generations.
Clever Mojo Games Clever Mojo Games designs and publishes fresh, fun family board games. Clever Mojo Games has partnered with to provide Featured Fulfillment service
Closet Nerd Closet Nerd brings euro-style gameplay, and beautiful design together for a unparalleled gaming experience.
Collins Epic Wargames To create and publish innovative board, card, and miniatures games with high-quality components that fuse history, education, and entertainment, and to provide continuous support for our customers. Collins Epic Wargames, LLC is a publisher of traditional board, card, and miniatures games
Con on the Cob Con on the Cob is so chock full of games they are literally running out our wazoo (figuratively speaking, of course). There’re role-playing games of all types, board games, miniature games, card games, party games, artsy games, live action games, video games, computer games, and just about any other sort of game you can imagine. They have scheduled games, game tournaments, open games, and tons of special gaming events and gatherings.
Crazy Egors Crazy Egor’s sells both new and old games. They are one of the top rare game dealers in the US. They have a warehouse store, an additional storage warehouse as well as separate convention stock that travels to shows.
Cryptozoic Cryptozoic Entertainment makes games, comics, magazines and trading cards based on both high quality original content and some of the most popular entertainment brands in the world. Our products are available worldwide, and we have a volunteer community engaged in supporting their local communities.
Crystal Caste Crystal Caste offers the adventure game player something no other dice manufacturer does: a totally new shape for polyhedral dice – Imagine dice in the shape of geometric crystals.
Cubicle 7 You will find all the titles currently available from Cubicle 7 Entertainment, and their publishing partners, as well as forthcoming releases for the next few months. Whether you’re looking to buy a game, or just after more information, the Store is a great place to start.
D20 Girls The D20 Girls are also not just a business, but a growing community of females who participate in Gaming, Anime, Science Fiction, Comic Books (& more) as a Hobby. The D20 Girls Project is all about the bonds that bring together like minded females & presents a positive female image for them all!
Dark Platypus Studio (DPP) To make cool toys that gamers can use while they are playing games.
Decision Games Decision Games, in business since 1988, is the publisher of Strategy & Tactics magazine, the military history magazine with a game in every issue. In addition, Decision Games publishes a line of board games, books, and computer games on military history. Decision Games also provides production support and distribution of two other lines of military history games: SPW Games and Excalibre Games.
Do Gooder Press Are proud producers of the webcomics “Nodwick” and “Full Frontal Nerdity,” as well as the popular comic book “ps238.”
Dragonfire Lasercraft Is a licensed company to engrave product’s logos and images. Their extensive image library and they also love doing custom work including signage and specialty items for conventions.
Dragonsong Forge Welcome to Dragon Song Forge. This is where the weapons from Dragon Song Weapons originate. On this site, you can build your own sword, purchase parts and learn
Eagle Games Game enthusiasts know FRED’s Eagle Games because of classics such as Through the Ages, Age of Steam, Brass, Attack!, Conquest of the Empire, Bootleggers and now Attack Deluxe Expansion by Mike Selinker and Sean Brown. Gryphon Games were created to appeal to game players looking for light-to-medium-weight strategy games, either to play in families, between “heavier” games at a long game-playing session, or for use in the classroom or library.
Edhellen Armoury Edhellen Armoury is now Forged Foam. A new company owned and operated by several former Edhellen employees, making the same great weapons you have all come to know and trust. They have completely restocked our full contact line and are planning some new releases during the Holiday season.
Educators Hall Pass Note: No results found.
ElfinWerks LLC ElfinWerks and Italian game studio Scribabs are joining forces to create a brand-new steampunk-themed boardgame featuring members of the Swedish symphonic metal band Therion! The band members will appear in the guise of the protagonists of the game, forming a team of heroes who must combine magic and music to stop the spirit of the wolf-god Fenrir from triggering Ragnarok and the end of times.
Epick Endustries Note: No description Available – no website available
Eventide Games Rubies of Eventide has its roots back in 1994, and is one of the longest-running MMORPGs on the internet. Choose one of seven races and join in battle amongst other factions, complete quests and monster hunting for experience, or even gamble on receiving bonus XP if you’re feeling lucky.
Exile Game Studio Exile Game Studio, makers of the hit RPG Hollow Earth Expedition, a pulp adventure roleplaying game inspired by the literary works of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Jules Verne, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The subterranean action is powered by the Ubiquity Roleplaying System, an innovative roleplaying system that emphasizes storytelling and cinematic action.
Face 2 Face Games At, you will come across a lot of sites, which have numerous online fun games. These games take little of your time, but offer you with fun-filled journey. offers you access to gaming zones based on different category of online fun games.
FaceEater The game of Face Eater comes with a FaceEater Deck containing four standard decks, consisting of 104 regular cards, 72 Power Cards, 8 Face Eaters and 8 Jokers. The Survival Guide includes the rules and a Power Card index with cross-referenced explanations of all cards and terms used in the game.
Faultline Studios Faultline Studios are musicians first, tape splicers and mouse clickers second. They take a creative project from an idea to completion, and are here to help you wherever you are along that road.
Ferkin’s Games Note: Zero results found.
a href=””>Festooned Butterfly I make costumes for people of all shapes and sizes, from children to adult.
Flag Dude (FD) Provide ready-to-use paper and cloth flags for miniatures, suitable for gaming and dioramas. The flags come just as you see them in the photo’s, mounted on steel poles and textured to depict natural waving.
Flying Buffalo (FB) An award winning makers of the Tunnels & Trolls RPG, Nuclear War card game, Death Dice, and founders of the play by mail (PBM) industry.
Fox Miniatures We have decided to go where no miniatures company has gone before. Now you can own true masterpieces. A timeless subject in a real scale.
Free RPG Day Free RPG Day is a day for you to go to your local participating retailer to play new games and get free stuff. Every retailer has their own version of Free RPG Day, each running the games they want to run.
Frenzy Universe The frenzy universe, discovered in 2009 by sisters Maureen and Kris, is a steampunk world filled with curiosity, creativity, and self-expression. Also known as “creativity’s playground,” this realm is inhabited by strange and exotic organisms that defy traditional taxonomic classification and unique characters whose life purpose appears to be inspiration for the development of new retrofuturistic garments and works of art.
Funfair Games Contains a selection of shooting games suitable for older children upto adults. A completely self contained unit with its own power generator and decorated to an extremely high standard with air brushed artwork and computerised lighting systems.
Gale Force 9 Gale Force Nine will be attending some of the biggest shows and gaming conventions this year. This is your chance to meet our crew in person, grab all of our fantastic game accessories, chat about your favorite games, check out some of our awe-inspiring terrain projects and catch some sneak-peeks of up-coming releases.
Game Publishers Assoc Showcase Reccomended for publishers or manufacturers whose primary business is producing: Board or card games Gaming accessories, such as dice, dice bags, or gamer lifestyle items such as t-shirts. Magazines whose content is primarily games-oriented Miniatures and miniatures games Roleplaying games Publicly held corporations are ineligible for general membership but can be associate members.
GameBrotherZ The ultimate goal of GameBrotherZ is to bring you some of the most captivating board games on the market. Our creative team designs games to bring families and friends together around an exciting pastime that will provide hours upon hours of relaxation and fun in a suspense-filled, competitive setting loaded with surprises, unexpected twists and turns, challenges, obstacles, and rewards for those who play smarter… or simply have a little more luck.
Gamer Adventures Gamer Adventures was created to offer gamers and their families and friends a fun way to combine gaming and everything and everybody else.
Gamers Rule The Dungeon Deck: Quests is the original 30-second dungeon creator, only new and updated to be compatible with the 4th edition of the world’s greatest roleplaying game, but still flexible enough to be used with any fantasy RPG.
Games by Gamers Publishing Note: search results directs to conflicting topics
GameScience All GameScience precision dice are precision-tested and razor-edged (with sharp points!) because they have not been tumbled or sanded.To smooth down the spot on your die that is rough from being broken from the sprue, simply use hobby/automotive sandpaper.These sharp-edged dice are better than the egg-shaped round-edged imported dice because they will roll accurately
Gamewick Games GameWick Games, llc is a New Jersey game company that designs face-to-face games that thrive on the player’s imagination (and dice). As an independent game company, GameWick offers unusual games for folks who are weary of games produced for mass appeal. Our games are simply quirky. Odd enough to be non-mainstream and that’s ok in our book!
Geek Chic The Geek Chic Roadshow is your opportunity to come see the Sultan Gaming Table, Emissary Gaming Table, Alexandria Codex and our other products in person. We try to go to a different city every month and bring “The Geek Chic Way” with us.
Geek Details Geek Details sells a variety of products, all of which are handmade using not made in China parts. I carry everything from handmade Alice in Wonderland specimens and hand painted dishes to pinback buttons and pocket mirrors. It’s an entirely handmade operation.
Giant Tree House At Gian Tree House we strive to provide the unique, creative and confidence building that let kids explore their world both inside and out.
Glitch Gaming Apparel Glitch Gaming Apparel is the premier brand for video game t-shirts and apparel. The Glitch brand has been created specifically for the gaming community and is determined to produce the coolest gaming apparel on the planet. The Glitch company is 100% all about video games and the company plans to produce highly creative and unique apparel products for all gamers around the world.
Glowfly Games GlowFly Games is dedicated to creating true family games—games designed to be fun for the entire family. We believe kids’ games should be a blast for kids to play and that parents should have just as much fun! GlowFly Games also produces high quality educational games perfect for the classroom, library gaming, and family game night.
Goblin Road Goblin Road are makers of unique handcrafted dolls and fine leather masks. All standard goblin dolls are available for purchase.
Gorilla Games Gorilla Games developed Jeff Siadek’s party game “Who Would Win?” In “Who Would Win?” two players draw random character cards and turn up a random event card. Each player argues for 20 seconds as to why their character would win. The other players serve as the jury and vote on which player had the better argument. The first player to win 5 arguments wins the game.
Gozer Games Gozer Games, LLC was founded in 2007 with the belief that games should be funny as well as fun. We have several games planned for release, the first of which is Collateral Damage. Gozer, the mascot of Gozer Games, LLC, is a chinchilla who in her spare time slays monkeys and leaves no piece of furniture uneaten.
Grognard Simulations The “Grognards” Home for Wargaming simulations.
Gryphon Games We have been providing the best comic and game service to Fort Collins since Oct. 31st, 2005. In our store we carry a large selection of comics, collectible card games, board games, role-playing games, miniature games and collectibles.
Gut Bustin’ Games Gut Bustin’ Games presents… “Oh Gnome You Don’t!” Board Game 2-5 players, ages 13+, 90 minutes It’s adventure time for gnomes as they travel and gather items along the forest trail. Typically cheerful and friendly, the little gnomes let greed and aggression get the best of them as they get into brawls, play tricks, and set traps to be able to grab up and trade for the most gems by the end of the game.
Hero Games DOJ, Inc. is a corporation formed for the purpose of acquiring the assets of Hero Games and publishing roleplaying game products using the HERO System. DOJ is a privately-held corporation with several owners, including Steven S. Long and Darren Watts.
Hills Wholesale Thru Hill’s Wholesale Gaming, Orders may be placed via the shopping cart provided as the price will adjust itself based on the quantity you are purchasing. One awesome deal, every day. Its really that simple! Once a day, from midnight till midnight Eastern Time, we give you an amazing deal on one carefully hand selected item.
Hobby-Q Hobby-Q is the Procon Ltd. United States distributor of their wildly successful CollectA figurine line.
I-94 Enterprises We manufacture, sell and distribute our lines of wargaming miniatures storage boxes – the Panzer-Keeper, Mothball and Footlocker – as well as the Beacon Publications line of ‘Decal Details’, which we acquired in early ’02. We are also importers and distributors of Scotia-Grendel (Scotia) lines of historical miniatures, but we only stock the 1/300 ‘Collectair’ line of aircraft.
Ichabod Note: criteria shows conflicting results.
Indie Boards and Cards (Indie B&C) Indie Boards & Cards started in 2009 with a goal of being an untraditional game publisher focused on my own self publishing efforts and as a collective for other self publishers to sell and market their games. In the past year this goal has evolved to the point that Indie Boards and Cards is a now a full fledged publisher focsed on bringing high quality, fun to play games to markets around the world.
Indie Press Revolution (IPR) Indie Press Revolution (IPR), founded by Ed Cha of Open World Press and Brennan Taylor of Galileo Games, is a “direct sales first” network of quality creator-publishers. That means we only carry the best of the best in the independent press, selling directly to you, the customer, first. It is a radical new way of selling RPGs and RPG-related products.
Industrial Dream Mills (IDM) Industrial Dream Mills is a privately owned firm that specializes in creative development for the adventure gaming industry. Our designers create board games, card games, video game storyline, role-playing games, LARP events, and collectable games. In addition, IDM specializes in constructing business models for convention booths and ‘brick and morter’ gaming stores.
Introspection The Board Game INTROSPECTION provides a fun setting that will allow you to approach questions that you may have always wondered about but never had the opportunity to ask! With over 1300 color-coded questions in six categories, you will be able to match the perfect question with the player you are interested in at that moment.
Iron Wind Metals (IWM) Science Fiction and Fantasy miniatures.
Itar’s Workshop Itar’s Workshop is dedicated to providing reasonably priced high quality terrain to improve your gaming experience. All of our terrain is cast from durable resin.
Jolly Roger Games A Board Book Card Miniatures RPG RPG/Other Games publishing company.
Journeymans Leather Note: result points to clothing topics
Kalidasia Media Productions (KMP) Legends of Kalidasia is a new tabletop space combat game created by Jason Rutherford. Designed to be a smooth and fairly simple game, Legends of Kalidasia can be tried out for free with our Introduction Kit. The complete Legends of Kalidasia: Rise of the Surakari Battle Kit is currently available in both printed and electronic PDF form.
Kenzer & Co Kenzer and Company, home of the Knights of the Dinner Table magazine, the HackMaster RPG, the Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign setting and many other gaming favorites. From board and card games, to comics, to roleplaying games and more, we’ve got what it takes to meet your gaming needs.
Koplow Games Koplow Games “The Nice Dice Company” is a full line supplier of fice and game accessories. Our novelty line includes loaded dice, round dice, mini dice, sweetheart dice, wood dice, crooked dice, dice bones and more.
Lance & Laser Lance and Laser produce a set of Gloranthan miniatures
Light Trading Co (LTC) Games and books, New and used.
Lock N’ Load Founded by award winning author and game designer Mark H. Walker, Lock ‘n Load Publishing develops and publishes commercial board and computer games. The games have won numerous awards, including the Origins award for Historical Board Game of the Year, two Wargamer Reader’s Choice Awards, a Charles S. Roberts Award for Best Modern Era Wargame, and International Gamer’s Award for Best Historical Simulation.
Longbow Games Longbow Digital Arts Incorporated has been developing technically innovative and artistically unique computer games and utilities since 1998. These include the award winning Tread Marks with its cutting edge 3D terrain engine, the very popular DX-Ball 2, king of breakout-style games, and the delightful Particle Fire screen savers.
Looney Labs Looney Labs hosts a number of events during the course of each year, usually in conjunction with gaming and sci-fi conventions. The biggest is their “Big Experiment” at Origins each July, where the Mad Lab Rabbits gather to compete in annual tournaments for all the Looney Labs Games.
Magic, Minis & More Main Street Magic, Miniatures & More. Stop by the store at 330 Main Street and check out our selection of Board Games, like Settlers of Catan, or Dominion, or Miniature Games, like Flames of War or Warmachine. Of course, we specialize in Magic: The Gathering, so check out our amazing singles selection or one of our many events!
Magne-Tique Note: No results found.
Marcon Note: Marcon45 is now over, however the staff still has work to do, like wrap up reports and begin planning for next year.
Mayday Games Mayday Games, a somewhat new company that has been around since 2007. Access our database of over 740 board/card games and the size sleeves.
Mayfair Games Mayfair Games is a Skokie, Illinois based corporation, publishing award winning board games and card games since 1980. Known for games played by hobbyist and families alike, Mayfair is the exclusive English language publisher of the Catan family of products and stands as the largest publisher of railroading games on planet earth. Mayfair Games also publishes games from partners such as Kosmos, Amigo Games and Lookout Games.
Medieval Collectibles We are your one stop shop for Medieval Swords, Renaissance Clothing and many other Medieval & Renaissance items. We have been serving the online community since 1999. We carry high quality battle-ready and decorative swords, armour, shields, and other weaponry of the past and present.
MERCS MERCS is a fantastic near future Sci-Fi tabletop skirmish game. Fast moving, with a strong emphasis on good tactics, MERCS teaches inexperienced players solid fundamental gaming skills and rewards good players with advanced realistic combat action.
Michael Jaworski Games (MJG) Note: No results found.
Mil Spec Talent MIL-SPEC Talent Development Group, LLC. connects Industry Professionals to Content Creators and Entertainers of all types to their Fan Base. Built on over 20 years of tenacity and ingenuity, our unique company offers its clients every conceivable service available in the business of entertainment.
Miniature Building Authority The miniature building authority.
Minion Games If you like to play dice, card or bingo games then this site is for you. Explore
the site and have fun seeking what you are looking for.
Mirthworks Hardcore board game geeks with a deep dislike of flashy ad-riddled gaming sites and a big idea for ditching the administrative hassles around organizing online gaming events for our flakey friends.
Mongoose Publishing Mongoose Publishing was founded in 2001 and within 6 months became the UK’s largest publisher of roleplaying games. Initially concentrating on d20 based products, Mongoose Publishing’s first book was the Slayers Guide to Hobgoblins, part of the Slayers Guide series of books. Subsequent product lines followed in rapid succession with the release of the Encyclopaedia Arcane, Travellers Tales, Quintessnential and Cities of Fantasy series of books.
Moosetache Games We are driven by the idea that anyone any age can keep the spirit of play alive. By developing games that are interactive and spark social connections, we hope to bring people together and infuse fun into each and every day.
Multi Man Publishing A publishing company that place orders for Series Games, Non-Series Games, Periodicals and more
New World Mugs and Woods All of our fine goblets are hand turned on a lathe. We use solid pieces of exotic hardwoods to avoid having seams.
Ninja Magic Games (NMG) & Winning is not always a simple matter of destroying your opponent. The WHI rules can accommodate virtually any kind of scenario, and can seamlessly be incorporated into a campaign setting so the only limit is your imagination.
Numbskull Games Numbskull Wargames will be launching in spring of 2011. With settings ranging from 1939 Finland and Manchuria, to fantasy lands far, far away, Numbskull Wargames brings 47 years of wargame playing and design to the table to bring you the finest in strategy gaming.
Off World Designs We offer Pre-printed designs, Custom Printing/Embroidery and Convention Souvenirs. We handle souvenir sales for 20+ conventions per year. We screen print what we sell in house so you can be assured of top quality that lasts for years. No crappy transfers or inkjet printing here. We use Fruit of the Loom, Gildan or Hanes shirts made of 100% Cotton.
On the Lamb Games On The Lamb Games is a small, privately held, company located in Palm Coast, FL producing entertainment and hobby materials. We started as a game company producing roleplaying games with mechanics we enjoyed and in a setting we felt was slightly unique and filled with humor. Your direct source for independent comics, games and associated esoterica.
Osprey Game publishing with categories like action, adventure, board, kids, puzzle, racing, shooting, sports and strategy.
Out of the Box Out of the Box Publishing creates innovative party, card and board games that provide fresh, fun and engaging ways to enjoy time with friends and family.
Outrider Studios Outrider Studios began in 2005 as collaborative effort that helped create independent media with a small coalition of like minded, budding artists. The name has been attached to many different projects since then and in 2010 we decided to bring our projects to you.
Ovation Productions Inc (OP) Event planning with a magic touch.
Paradigm Concepts Paradigm Concepts, Inc, Origins-Award and Ennie-Award winning publisher of Arcanis, World of the Shattered Empires and Witch Hunter: The Invisible World, is unveiling the Arcanis, World of the Shattered Empires RPG with a new and updated system.
Pegasus Publishing Pegasus Publishing also offers custom screen printing, embroidery, and laser engraving services. Other custom products and services include pens, ribbons, badgeholders, medallions, pins, patches, executive gift items and an entire range of promotional products.
Pinnacle Entertainment Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc. is a leading owner, operator and developer of casinos and related hotel and entertainment facilities. In March 2010, Pinnacle opened its newest casino, River City, in south St. Louis County, Missouri. Pinnacle also is developing a casino in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Plaid Hat Games Plaid Hat Games LLC is a hobby gaming company founded by game designer Colby Dauch. We are new to the scene, but we are coming out swinging with the release of our very first game – Summoner Wars.
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Polymancer Studios Polymancer Game and Hobby Division is a publisher of roleplaying games, miniatures wargames, board games, and of magazines dedicated to those hobbies in addition to other fine products. It is a subsidiary of Polymancer Studios, Inc., a printer, publisher, graphic design house, and a provider of multimedia and publishing solutions.
Posthuman Studios Posthuman Studios LLC is a creator-owned game design collective founded by game industry veterans Rob Boyle, Brian Cross, and Adam Jury in 2008. Posthuman Studios believes that the future of hobby gaming is the hybridization of analog and electronic play–whether that be at the augmented tabletop or online play; that gaming has been and always will be a culture of sharing, and that we must build the creative future we want to live in.
ProFantasy Software (PFS) Industry leader ProFantasy Software brings you everything you need to create great maps for your games. We offer art and tools for overland maps from all ages, buildings, floorplans, fantasy and science fiction. We help you create beautiful, useful maps more quickly than any comparable software.
Ravenstone Games (RG) Offers board games, collectable and traditional card games, strategic miniature battle games, and role-playing games.
Rebel Miniatures Rebel Minis, manufacturers of 15mm and 28mm Miniatures! Everything from Modern 15mm Zombies, to 28mm Spartans… we have something for everyone!
Renaissance Fashion’s Renaissance Fashions prides itself of carrying items made by artists we personally know. If we don’t make it ourselves, we’ve been to the artists workshop and seem the production process from start to finish. We know every product inside and out.
Rio Grande Rio Grande Games is dedicated to bringing you the best in family entertainment. We offer the best family strategy games available! We have games for younger children to play with their older siblings and parents, games for their older siblings to play with their friends, and games for teens and parents to play with each other or when they get together for social occasions.
RLBPS RLBPS is an online retailer of wargaming miniatures and supplies, as well as a painting service. Bob and Ann offer a great selection of miniatures, buildings and fortifications in various scales, paints and brushes, rules, etc. Check out their web page to see the full line-up.
Roguelikefiction Indie Press Revolution has recently picked up our CRPG Legerdemain as one of its newest titles. They are a game distributor specializing in independently produced, creator-owned pen-and-paper roleplaying systems.
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Sandstorm Sandstorm Productions provides Board Games and Studio management, financing, Art department, marketing, HR and consulting to board game developers
Scrying Eye Games Provide quality product lines to individuals and businesses at economical prices and excel at maintaining attention to the design elements that the gaming environment requires.
Silver Fox Productions To be clear, bring the most relevant and memorable key points of your message to the surface. Add context, organized structure and visual design to create impact.
Splintered Light Miniatures We are dedicated to producing high quality miniatures and products and hope that we will be able to help you with your hobby needs. Our three major ranges are the 15/17mm fantasy lines, the 15/17mm Dark Age historical lines, and the 18/20mm Splintered Lands lines.
Square Shooters SQUARE SHOOTERS® is a complete deck of playing cards on dice. You can use SQUARE SHOOTERS® to play almost any game you usually play with cards! Of course, you can make up your own new games!
Steve Jackson Games Steve Jackson Games publishes more than 100 different titles.
Stronghold Games
We produce only the highest-quality board games in the industry. No corners will ever be cut in the production of our games. No game will ever be produced that we do not believe is great in its mechanics, category, or theme.
Studio 2 Publishing Studio 2 is a sales/marketing and fulfillment service for other companies that need those services. Sales and marketing includes all efforts to get your product to the marketplace and maximize your sales potential. Studio 2 sells globally and covers many different marketplaces, from small market “Mom and Pop” stores to book trade to mass and global marketplaces, and even the exploding internet sales market.
Super-Fly Comics & Games Super-Fly Comics & Games opened its doors in August 2007 after buying the new comics & graphic novels business of Dark Star Books. Since then we have expanded further into video, card, board and role-playing games; movies; manga; toys; t-shirts; statues and other cool things. Be sure to ask about our subscription pull file service to get 15% off almost everything in the store and our 10% discount for college students and military personnel.
Sylvan Creations Celtic inspired gemstone jewelry.
Table Tactics As a publisher with manufacturing capability we can offer game designers more options to bring their creations to market with custom components. We also attend the largest conventions to promote our products.
Tangent Games Tangent Games was conceived by two long-time gamers, Coy Kissee and Geoff Habiger, in the hopes of promoting our own unique vision of what games should be. Coy and Geoff have have been game players (and game designers) for over twenty years. We have designed our own games and modified the rules of existing games to suit our own needs.
Tartan Grizzly We are Canadian and are no means new to the gaming industry. Deadly, awesome, grizzly and impressive are the games that we will be bringing you.
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The Dice Tower Dice Tower, a podcast about board and card games! The Dice Tower is dedicated to getting folks to learn about the wide world of exciting new board games that exist. We do video reviews, and audio show, and more. Dice Tower will be demoing games for Fantasy Flight, Your Move Games, Northstar, Gamewright, and Sirling Games at the convention.
The Five Wits
The Five Wits is a geeky traveling business belonging to Ruth, Jess, and friends. We’re artists, costumers, writers, gamers, and geeks of many fandoms.
The Game Room The Game Room has been serving its customers since 1981. We specialize in game room related products that make your home more fun! Our retail store in Anaheim, California has closed its doors to allow us to focus on wholesale distribution.
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The Lotus Guardian A gaming shop specializing mostly in Magic:the Gathering singles. We also carry many board games, card games and miniature war games, come on by!
The Soldiery The Soldiery is a full service game store specializing in role playing games, board games, ccgs, miniatures, historical games, and used computer games. We carry a wide range of singles in both collectable card games and collectable miniature games.
Tomas the Lapidary’s Jewelry Tomas the Lapidary’s Jewelry is a mobile jewelry studio. Our shop visits renaissance and medieval fairs, historic reenactment events, and conventions all over the Eastern United States. We sell a wide variety of handmade jewelry and accessories. We have been in business for over 20 years.
Troll & Toad is an online retailer specializing in Magic the Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Miniatures, Board and Card Games. We are one of the only sources on the internet for rare used games, and have a wide selection of out of print board and card games.
T-Shirt Bordello All of our shirts are printed on heavy weight, 100% cotton tees. We print on Gildan & Anvil brand shirts for men and American Apparel & Bella brand for the ladies.
Twilight Creations Twilight Creations, Inc. (TLC) is an award winning board game publisher based in the Greater Cincinnati area. Founded in 2002 by Kerry and Todd Breitenstein, the company’s best selling product is the Zombies!!! line which features a number of expansions, spin-offs and add-ons. The Zombies!!! game will be celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2011.
Uber Goober Games Über Goober Games started with the documentary about gamers, Über Goober, and expanded into a maker of quality rule sets and gaming accessories. Our goal is to make simple, fun, easy to play games with many levels of options to keep play interesting over and over again.
Unique Unicorns We offer all kinds of styles of dream catchers, check out the dream catcher page! We are pleased to also offer your favorite animal or pet’s portrait painted beautifully with oil paints. Our artist puts every detail in every work of art.
Urban Vikings To provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog.
USAOPOLY USAOPOLY started putting spins on other timeless games we all know and love to play like Yahtzee, Jenga, The Game of Life as well as Chess, Checkers, Tic Tac Toe, Dominoes and Puzzles. For over 14 years now, friends and families have been able to rediscover their favorite board games… with a fun, unique USAOPOLY twist.
Wattsalpoag Games Wattsalpoag is a board game company located in Bellevue, Washington, USA. Owner and game designer Kris Gould has a life-long love of gaming. He did what everyone dreams to do – made his passion into his business.
Wildfire LLC WildFire LLC is the creative mastermind behind the ENnie Award-winning and Origins Award nominated CthulhuTech roleplaying line, as well as the Origins Award nominated Poo: the Card Game. They will also be releasing the Chthonian Stars roleplaying line for the Traveller roleplaying game later this year, a Lovecraftian sci-fi exploration set in the near future.
WildThing Games
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Worthington Games The Napoleon’s War Series are games that give players the French Army of Napoleon against the foes of France from 1796 -1815. Each game will include battles that have their own custom game boards, plastic figures representing the infantry, artillery, and cavalry with counters representing the special units, leaders, etc.
Z-Man Games Z-Man Games, Inc. is a publisher of games. The company was formed in 1999, by New Yorker, Zev Shlasinger, for the sole purpose of bringing back Shadowfist, one of the best multiplayer Collectable Card Games ever made. With the success of Shadowfist, Z-Man Games published its first B-Movie card game, Grave Robbers from Outer Space, and from that point on it was decided to continue to make fun, innovative games.
Zombie Buddy Productions (ZBP) ZBP originally began with game creation and design of live action gaming. We bring you RISING, RISING Kids, Twilight RISING, RISING VS., and soon Survival RISING. The RISING games offer adults and kids a different type of gaming experience by actually being apart of the environment and where physical and mental choices help decide the outcome of the game.
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