Thunderstone: Thornwood Siege Unboxing

“Thunderstone: Thornwood Siege” arrived today and I thought a quick unboxing post in order.  This is not a stand alone supplement for Thunderstone like Dragonspire. Thornwood Siege is not playable without the base game or Dragonspire.  The set contains 284 cards with the usual mix of hero, village, monster, randomizer cards and 18 tokens to track player conditions like light and “-2 Gold.”  AEG’s usual high production quality applies to all the components.  Here is a shot of the box and contents.





I usually do not post detailed descriptions of  deck-building cards, but a few of the cards caught my eye for either humor value or in-game carnage potential.  From right to left, the “Unicorn Steaks” make for a tasty boost to hungry adventurers forced into a dungeon crawl.  “Stalking Spell” forced a dungeon visit by other players. For those not quite ready to face the dungeon, this may be their last trip…. Finally the “Scroll of Chaos” randomly redistributes cards wildly around the table for some chaotic fun.



There are also two new rule additions: Raid and Stalk. Raid effects are on monsters and resolve immediately as they appear in the Hall.  They do things like destroy the most expensive cards in the village!  Stalk is a monster effect that strikes the active player on his next turn when the creature is revealed in the Hall. The example is “-2 Gold pieces” on the player’s next turn.  Not sure what impact these will have on game play, but anything that causes players pain is ok in my book.


Thunderrstone: Thornwood Siege looks like a great addition to the Thunderstone canon and I look forward to getting in a game soon.


Trask, The Last Tyromancer






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