Battlefoam Versus Blood of Kittens–Another Pointless, Tedious Legal Fight

Over the years I have covered some notable legal issues that directly impact the gaming industry and once again Battlefoam is back in the news. Here is a quick summary with helpful numbers to keep the order straight.

1. The Blood of Kittens blog (allegedly) said some unflattering things about Battlefoam and its owner.

2. Battlefoam responded with a lawyer letter (see link above for this document) demanding BOK withdraw their comments and pay some legal costs, among other items.

3. Battlefoam’s lawyer letter was not a lawsuit, just a letter of demand threatening legal action

4. BOK took the threat seriously and rounded up some serious legal firepower and started legal proceedings  first against Battlefoam.

Those are the bare bones and for more information visit the always excellent gamer/legal blog Popehat for the specifics.

I will keep an eye on events as they unfold. That said, this is all such a waste. It is a blog post, not the front page of the New York Times.


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